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This page's aim is to draw attention to workers for the voiceless fighting the trade who need urgent immediate help worldwide!




The worse ever torrential downpour is happening in Tianjin. Mdm Yang's shelter is now flooded & damaged. She is moving the doggies to safe area & doing what she can on her own. Our team is now coordinating with some people in Tianjin trying to get her immediate help. We will provide further updates shortly. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE POST ON FACEBOOK



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My name is Victoria Charlotte and I belong to a small but very dedicated group of animal activists and together we run this facebook page This Facebook page is dedicated to Yang Xiao Yun who is affectionately known as Mrs Yang. Mrs Yang is a animal rescuer living in Tianjin China and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the lady herself in March 2016. Here is the link to my blog describing the experience Mrs Yang attended a dogmeat festival in Yulin in June 2016 and at this festival thousands of dogs and cats were slaughtered horrendously for the dinner table. Mrs Yang bartered with the dogmeat butchers and managed to save approximately 450 animals at this festival. It took her two days to get the lucky rescues from Yulin to Tianjin where now all the animals are safe in Mrs Yang's shelter. However, these animals are in desperate need for vets visits and medicines to combat the many diseases and injuries they have sustained before coming under Mrs Yang's care. My group have managed to arrange weekly visits for a vet to attend to Mrs Yang's animals and we pay the vet directly. The vet has kindly waivered consultation fees and only bills us for medicines administered. However we need your help to continue to pay for the medications these animals so desperately need. No amount is too small and every penny is greatly appreciated




Friends of Yang

Friends of Yang

We are a small team of volunteers dedicated to help Yang XiaoYun of Tianjin Common Home in China to improve the lives of her animals.



My name is Victoria Charlotte and I had the wonderful opportunity in March 2016 to visit Madam Yang an animal activist in China. The following blogs are accounts of what has been happening in her life since then and I have shared a small amount of her history as well. In the following months/years to come I hope to be working very closely with Madam Yang to help her in her quest to save many unfortunate dogs and cats in her home town of Tianjin and Yulin and to give them the best quality of life as possible. I have never written anything like this before, so please excuse my style of writing. I basically write as I would speak. I am not an author, but an animal activist and someone who cares passionately about the world around them. I was born in London but spend my time between two countries; the UK where most of my family live and Spain where my rescued dogs live. I am a keen vegetable grower and I like nothing more than to escape to my allotment in the Spanish mountains and dig!.....Victoria Charlotte has set a blog page up - CLICK HERE



Published by Mankind Films on 26/05/2016
Coming to the end of winter in March 2016 - Tianjin Stray Animal Rescue Centre aka Common Home For All will be moving to their new location once renovation is completed.



Published by Mankind Films on 14/10/2015
A tribute to Mdm. Yang Xiao Yun (杨晓芸)
Tianjin Stray Animal Rescue Centre aka Common Home For All


Dogs and Cats OFF the Menu has set up direct links to:- Facebook and Donation pages for Charities and Foundation helping to fight the dog and cat meat trade.