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Ben Allen proposes to farm the Australian iconic dingoes for dog meat. At a conference in Brisbane he will discuss this proposal at his presentation which he entitles " Creating dingo meat products for China and South East Asia as a potential market with topics on harvesting dingoes for meat. By harvesting this means dog farms, similar to S Korea where dogs are born in iron cages,then brutally slaughtered for meat. There is no humane way to slaughter dingoes for this they will suffer horrendously, such as skinning & boiling alive, as they do to the poor dogs caught up in this brutal trade.

Link to this proposal by Ben Allen -"Creating dingo meat products for Southeast Asia: potential market opportunities and cultural dilemmas" Benjamin Allen, At the "Conservation sustainable use of wildlife Conference" in Brisbane -30th Aug to 1 Sept 2016 Pullman ,King George Square- - -
Program link-scroll down Thurs 1st Sept- 3.50pm - 4.10pm See more here

Once this proposition/idea/proposal is put on the table at a scientific forum and it is there in the system- as a potential viable option-
This is a dangerous precedence to even have this as a presentation - This is not an acceptable as conservation.
This global protest is about demanding that this talk/presentation is scrapped -pulled -
Its not about dingoes being harvested now - its about the very idea that its actually been proposed this shames Queensland and Australia and the Universities who have endorsed this
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When you sign the petitions they will NOT go through without a zip code. So anyone living out of Australia can use 4101 or another Australian zip code.


STOP THE “DOOMED” DINGO PROGRAM: using a deadly capsule containing 1080 poison - SIGN HERE



STOP THE PRESENTATION- That is proposing sending Australian Dingo meat to china and Asia -
To protest this - #DingoesAreNotFood

Connect 2 wildlife 4 environment



This presentation by Ben Allen to sell Dingo meat to Asia must be pulled its unacceptable in Australia - ACTION DAY FOR DINGOES


We are doing an Email and Letter storm and a Twitter Storm- RIGHT UP UNTIL 1st Sept THURS - Tweet and mail, email storm by Marie-Louise Sarjeant and Chris Sarjeant #DingoesAreNotFood



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Letter written by Marie-Louise Sarjeant for the Action Days for Dingoes - Email Storm 26th Aug 2016

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I am voicing my disgust and concerns regarding the unethical proposal by Ben Allen's presentation - Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference in Brisbane- which will be held from 30 August - 1 September 2016 at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, Queensland. Millions of Australians find the eating of dogs/canines to be disgusting unethical and immoral and indeed the eating of dogs is not legal in Australia- Benjamin Allen discredits his position of Vice-Chancellors Research Fellow Institute for Agriculture and the Environment , at the University of Southern Queensland , with his ill-thought out repugnant, disregard at any humanity proposing a trade in dingo meat to Asia Most Australian would be completely outraged if this was ever implemented as this sinks to an abysmal depths of depravity with no moral compass. I simply cannot comprehend the level of cynical cruelty at the exploitation of an animal in this repugnant unethical proposal by Ben Allen? By placing it on the table of an established conservation forum gives credibility to this incredible, unethical, repugnant scheme. Australians believe that our wildlife should be protected as our natural heritage that wildlife has an intrinsic value. Once this is accepted we join the ranks of those we attack for obscene animal cruelty, such as the Japanese whalers and the bile extracted from the Sun Bears and is on the same level of thinking as the "Canned lion hunting' (-Blood lions), all these sickening trades in animal exploitation. From this perspective the right of wildlife to exist is reduced to be produced for a commercial profit and the profiteers promoting themselves as 'conservationists'. If this is ever put in place would be an indictable and illegal offence in breach of several Animal Welfare under Queensland Consolidated Acts. I would ask that this presentation be withdrawn on ethical grounds.




Here is a sample USA letter that can be personalized.


In light of what is going on in the world in regards to dog and cat meat in various areas (i.e., Yulin China, South Korea and elsewhere), I am horrified to see that Australia, a civilized and humane country now needs to be monitored/watched by the world in regards to the proposal of trade in Dingo meat to Asia. Dingoes farmed and added to the food chain? NO! PLEASE do NOT consider such a disgusting act -- and even putting the discussion on the "table" for consideration at the hearing at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, Queensland. Ben Allen’s presentation and proposal shames Queensland and Australia!
The world is now connected by social media and Australia is going to be no different than the inhumane, disgusting and horrific areas that we are all watching and aware of currently. Your land will be monitored and spoken about by every animal activist around the world now. You will be made a terrible example of throughout ALL social media(s). We are ALL watching Australia now to step up and not consider such a horrific proposal. We are ALL aware. We are ALL connected electronically and I take this very personally. What you are proposing in regard to innocent Dingoes is now happening in MY Country (USA), it will be happening in MY backyard, in MY office, In MY home and around MY dinner table because WE are ALL connected by computers! The world is watch Australia now to make a logical, ethical and humane decision to NOT put Dingoes on dinner plates!
Please do NOT consider Ben Allen's disgraceful proposal to "farm" Dingoes -- Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference in Brisbane! Millions around the world find the eating of dogs, cats and dingoes to be disgusting, unethical, and immoral. The world will be outraged if this were ever to be implemented as this sinks to the abysmal depths of depravity with no moral compass. Australians, Americans and many others around the world believe that wildlife should be protected and that wildlife has an intrinsic value. Dogs, cats and DINGOES should NOT be on the food chain! If this happens, Australia will be seen and watched closely around the world. This has the potential to cause a terrible firestorm -- it will begin with ONE TWEET and ONE SHARE on FACEBOOK and ALL social medias and millions of us will see this and Australia will be seen in a very different light.
PLEASE withdraw and PLEASE do not consider Ben Allen's proposal to farm Australia's iconic dingoes on moral and ethical grounds.
The favor of a reply is requested.




Mail storm

Send a letter to University of Southern Queensland
Jan Thomas- Vice-Chancellor and President-
Postal address for letters:- West St, Darling Heights QLD 4350

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The University of Queensland Vice Chancellor & President - Dr Peter Hojc
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