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Say NO To FCI World Dog Show 2019 China

We strongly believe that to hold the prestigious World Dog Show in China – a show that showcases breeds, and thereby encourages ownership and ethical breeding of said breeds in the country – is outrageous. We are talking about a country that has no animal welfare laws and where dogs are not even seen as equal to livestock, leaving them extremely vulnerable to being treated in any inhumane manner possible. How can we condone and encourage travel and trade to this country? The same country where millions of dogs (most probably the very same breeds that will be entered in to the Dog Show) are bred on meat farms in filthy conditions or stolen from pet owners only to be packed into suffocating cages and transported for days. The same country that allows the dogs to be tortured and slaughtered in the most horrific of ways; where festivals are organised and celebrated by consuming physically and mentally tortured dogs, pregnant bitches, puppies. To allow this wonderful celebration of dogs to take place in a country which is blatantly known to have turned it’s back on these wonderful animals - time and time again, despite huge outcry worldwide - is a FARCE! To even consider holding the World Dog Show in China is a sickening joke, a truly abhorrent one. Are the KC and the FCI supposed to be there to protect dog breeds and their welfare?! What is the FCI thinking of??

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FCI official statement ; June 2015
A message from the FCI President Mr. Rafael de Santiago
Always attentive to the opinion of the breeders worldwide, we took note of the uproar concerning the attribution of the 2019 World Dog Show to China and to the decision regarding the country of origin of the following breeds : DO-KHYI (230), TIBETAN TERRIER (209), TIBETAN SPANIEL (231), LHASA APSO (227) and SHIH TZU (208).
Whilst we understand the concern expressed by the breeders worldwide about both situations, the FCI wishes to inform that the decision to grant the organization of the WDS 2019 to China was taken by a decision of our General Assembly where 68 countries were present or represented and by a large majority of votes, in total transparency and according to the principles of democracy internationally recognised and accepted. That decision was made on basis of a very open and complete presentation made by our Chinese member, CKU, during which our Chinese member delegation has clearly mentioned the cultural differences between China and most of the other countries in the world. The FCI sees it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among the Chinese population that the dog, our beloved friend, is a member of our families, a living entity and most of all Man's best Friend. May we add that China won the right to organise this WDS over several other countries, namely Spain, Germany and Croatia, in a clear victory.
In addition, we find it important to clarify that our Chinese member, CKU, is an FCI full member. As such, CKU has the right to ask to be the country of origin of the breeds indicated above. It is important to know that any change in a breed standard can be implemented worldwide if and only if the FCI General Committee, following recommendations of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions, approves it.
Nowadays, the FCI is more than ever committed to the betterment and safeguard of the Dog and to promoting its welfare, love and respect in the four corners of the world.
For the FCI and for dogs worldwide.
Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

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A Facebook page has been set up - No for China World Dog Show 2019 - We want FCI to address the problem of animal cruelty in China (especially dogs) and revoke decision about World Dog Show 2019 and it's placement. Say No to torture and animal cruelty all over the world! FCI should not allow any bidding from a country that does not have Animal cruelty laws in place. We can make a difference in those creature lives simply by standing up to their barbaric rituals! WE KINDLY ASK FCI to support our fight and finally make a change towards a better future.



Stop holding in China World Dog Show - Shanghai 2019 - We are against of World Dog Show 2019 in China !!!! Let the Asian stop eating dogs and cats, and will respect the rights of animals !!!!



For the Sake of Tibetan dog Breeds & against the FCI's decisions - For the Sake of Tibetan dog BreedThis group is meant to be bilingual to defend Tibetan dogs and keep their Tibetan origins and to protest against FCI 's decisions , especially WDS in China in 2019 & against the FCI's decisions.



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