Dogs And Cats Off The Menu

My letter to Mark Ching:
​Written by Dr. Susan Song

The Coca-Cola Company P.O. Box 1734 Atlanta, GA 30301, USA


To the management of Coca Cola,
As one of your loyal customers in the past, I would like to share with you the fact that there are proposals of massive boycott of the South Korea Olympic Games and your products. These calls of boycott are growing rapidly, as a result of your sponsorship of this upcoming event in 2018.
As the result of your sponsorship, gigantic amounts of serious social media members, are calling to stay away from your products everywhere.
South Korea has the reputation of one of the cruelest, barbaric, and brutal practice anywhere on the planet, in regards to animal treatments and welfare; even though, it is not the majority. The rest of the population, are pet loving citizens that appreciate the company of their beloved animal companions.
Innocent dogs and cats are boiled, skinned, amputated limbs, poked eyes and other unimaginary ways of torturing are happening as of right now while they are still alive and in full consciousness, and it’s all in the name of “tradition”.
The government of South Korea is choosing the easy way and turning their heads away to allow such holocaust to exist.
Need more convincing evidence?
Here it is:
Warning: graphic content, but I urge and dare you to watch:

Olympic Games competitions are genuine tradition, and fully supported around the globe; therefore, in the behalf of tens of millions (or more) of upset, concerns, and traumatized good and decent people (animal lovers or not) all over the world, I am asking you to join our fight and to end this unspeakable, disgusting and revolting atrocity “tradition” in South Korea.
There is already a great amount (but not enough) of product that are being boycotted already because they are made in South Korea; I would really hate to see the same boycott pass-on to another American or any other companies wherever they are, since they are backed South Korea economy and some of their “tradition”.
Please have the bravery, dare and the courage, to stand up to the leaders of South Korea. Please insist that these kinds of unacceptable practices will not be tolerated any longer.
The public will not forget or forgive the South Korean government, or to any company that choose to have commerce relationships with such nation.
Eddie Levin
Concern Humane Being.


(Used with kind permission from Eddie Leven)


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