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Dog and Cat Fur trade



These photos are circulating on Chinese social media. They are of cat skins being sold outside 'The Terracotta Army' in China.

These animals end up as gloves, coats, hats or fur trim; their skins are used in the production of drums and other musical instruments. Many trims on gloves, bags and boots are in actual fact REAL fur. Cat and dog fur is a cheap commodity in China; often a byproduct of the meat trade and is used in place of faux fur.

Cat fur is known by several names: house cat, wild cat, Katzenfelle, Goyangi, mountain cat. Dog fur may be labelled as gae-wolf, goupee, or sobaki, among other names, while dog skin is often referred to as special skin, lamb skin or mountain goat skin.



Support this campaign here: ---> against the killing of cats, dogs and other animals for the fur trade.






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