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Why be THIER voice

Written on 30/08/2016 by Esther Marie Woolley

When I was a little girl I had a best friend, he was called SIMBA, a very loveable golden retriever. My dad said he gave him that name because when he was a puppy his feet were so big like a lion. I told SIMBA everything all my secrets, we even dressed him up and he never complained. When he passed away it was so sad, I remember my mom telling me even my dad cried.

My love for animals had started.

When I was a teenager we had a dog called Sooty, a cockatiel, rabbit and fantail pigeons who all gave us love and great fun.

I followed the Born Free Federation after watching the film and IFAW where I first saw the horrendous cruelty to dogs and the Seal Slaughter.

A few decades flew by and I thought that all that cruelty had ended… times had moved on and animal welfare was worldwide…..

In 2015 I saw a photo on Facebook of a kitten hanging by a wire from a tree. He was screaming in pain, the only fur left on his body was on his paws and head! I could not believe my eyes… a double blow was that there were 2 guys either side of him laughing! Truly shocking. A few of my friends saw it and it was decided it was photo shopped surly it could not be true!!!

I received a tweet from Rickie Gervais. The heading was … "Whether you're an atheist or believer, vegan or hunter, you must agree that torturing a dog then skinning it alive is wrong. #StopYuLin2015"


I had to read more and could not believe the HELL that is going on… It just has to stop… I knew Dogs, Cats, puppies and kittens were eaten in some countries but had no idea of the horrendous conditions they are born into, transported, tortured, skinned boiled and finally killed in front of other dogs just to add more trauma. Then to hear that it’s millions !!!!

The first I heard about it was the YULIN AND BOKNAL festivals that happen every year. Thought that was it! OH NO its 365 days and nights a year.

Via Facebook there was a march planned in London. Although I was in Germany the day before I booked my train ticket and went on my FIRST PROTEST MARCH on my own! It was brilliant, so many people feeling the same, we really felt that we had achieved something. Dominic Dyer…….. did an amazing talk about how animals improve our lives.

Why be THIER voice

Anneka Svenska spoke about the horrendous pain… and that they even destroy their ear drums so they cannot bark!!! It’s crazy

Why be THIER voice

I became friends with everyone from the march. This is where I met the lady who started DogsAndCatsOffTheMenu. What you quickly realize is that there is so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to start. This site is great for the un biased information it gives you, petitions to sign if you want to help from your laptop or protests if you want to attend not just in the UK but WORDWIDE.

On the 27th August 2016 …. We went on my second protest, I took another person with me as I had said to myself on the last march.

Taking my hand drawn posters as my printer stopped working the night before, nothing was going to stop us.

Why be THIER voice

I laminated my signs in case of rain with Jasper one of my 2 lovely cats by the side of me.

Why be THIER voice

I hope this short video will inspire you to #beTHEIRvoice




My post bag today (8/09/2016) contains a letter from THE RT HON PATRICK MCLOUGHLIN MP In support of our efforts to fight the dog meat trade. It's wonderful to know our efforts are being noticed. He made a comment about my guest blog post if you have not seen it here it is keep sharing till we end this horrific trade #beTHEIRvoice



Extremely happy that at last the truth is out there thanks to everyone who has done so much on social media, protests, and risking their lives in countries to expose that millions of dogs and cats are killed this way 365 days ayear.