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Dear Editor: Times of Israel

As a child raised in a Jewish and kosher family in the United States, I was always taught that one of the many reasons for keeping a kosher home was because of the humane way we treat animals; that the slaughter should be swift and take place with certain criteria as to inflict the least amount of pain to the animal.
I wish that Jewish Kashrut laws applied to all parts of the world. But, as a grown adult, I am appalled and depressed that this could not be further from my dreams. On September 14, 2016 Congressman Alcee Hastings of the 20th Congressional District of Florida in the United States of America will be holding its first-ever, historical hearing in Washington DC to discuss House Resolution 752 to End the Dog Meat Trade. I know this must sound alarming to you. But sadly, there really is a dog meat market in Asia and some of the leather they export around the world is very likely to be dog hide.
Warning Graphic Videos:

This horrible brutality against Man’s Best Friends is no longer happening just in Asia. WE, the Jewish people of the U.S. and Israel, many of whom keep Kosher and humanely slaughter animals and live in a civilized and humane society, and others around the globe are affected by this. WE are all now subjected and bearing witness to the most heinous and malicious acts of terror, sadistic abuse and the most hateful of crimes. It is now in OUR HOMES. It is in OUR LIVING ROOMS; it is around OUR Shabbat dinner tables, OUR offices AND our schools! My realistic fear is that OUR CHILDREN and future generations will become immune and desensitized to the torture of living beings with no consequences for the most inhumane actions. Children who bear witness to this cruelty are often traumatized or become desensitized to this gruesome activity. There are many studies that prove that there is a connection between animal abuse and crimes against humans. OUR CHILDREN and our impressionable young adults are seeing videos and images on OUR COMPUTERS on an hourly, daily and regular basis, We are bearing witness to these brutal, sadistic acts. This is on OUR SOIL and in OUR BACKYARDS and OUR PLAYGROUNDS because computers have linked us together forever!
Thousands of activists are trying to shut down the dog slaughterhouses and intercept trucks loaded with hundreds of dogs before they reach slaughterhouses. They are attempting to expose and educate others by uploading graphic videos and haunting images from Yulin China (South Korea and elsewhere). More than 10 million dogs and cats are brutalized and slaughtered each year(in Asia), many of which are stolen pets with collars still on when they arrive at the slaughterhouses in China. These once, family-owned members are squeezed, way too many to a cage and if they don’t fit, their legs are deliberately broken to squeeze them in. They are transported hundreds to thousands of miles from their homes in cages so tight, they can hardly breathe. They are given NO food and NO water during the trip to the slaughterhouses. Many don’t survive the trip and they are the lucky ones. When they are ready for slaughter they are tortured in the most barbaric and sadistic of ways. In these graphic videos you can see that “man’s best friends” are nailed to a wall alive and then dismembered; boiled alive, skinned, and blow torched all while conscious and alive! There are way too many videos and photos on social media of this practice for us to ignore. These barbarians believe that the more the animal suffers the greater the benefit to their virility and the better the meat will taste. Obviously, there is no scientific evidence to support these misguided beliefs. In fact, eating dog meat has been connected to outbreaks of rabies and cholera. Children who bear witness to this cruelty are traumatized and will become desensitized to this horrific activity. There are many studies that prove that there is a connection between animal abuse and crimes against humans. I saw a video of what looked to be a golden retriever puppy only weeks old that survived the first round of being blow-torched. Rescuers were able to save that poor soul. And, in this video the puppy was lying on a table shivering, clearly in shock with a rescuer petting his head while this baby was closing its eyes in relief of a gentle hand. How can we sit back and let this continue?

Will you please give this time and attention this so desperately deserves? It is long over-due that we all address this horror in every civilized area of the world. These are “Man’s Best Friends” and we have the moral responsibility as decent, humane people to do what is right!
Did you know that the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics are going to be hosted by the IOC which is in South Korea, the same area where millions of dogs and cats are also tortured and eaten? Are you aware that the 2019, The World Dog Show is going to be taking place in China – yes, in the same area that just horrifically slaughtered and ate 10,000-15,000 dogs for their summer Yulin Dog Meat Festival. I respectfully urge you to help these sweet and gentle animals and show the world how strong your words and your commitment to this cause can be! Please stand up for man’s best friend now and help stop the torture and TAKE THEM OFF DINNER PLATES! This is real! This is happening! WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE!
PLEASE COVER these stories -- these atrocities. The U.K. just ran a front-page article regarding the horrors of the dog meat industry and received an overwhelmingly positive response for exposing the truth. The UK will be have a Parliament meeting on September 12 and the U.S. of America will be having its first historic hearing in Washington DC on September 14 entitled House Resolution 752 to End the Dog Meat Trade to come up with a resolution.

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