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Dogs and Cats OFF the menu


i heart dogs

Petition for Mr. Chen Wu, Yulin Governor

Last Chance for Animals (LCA)

Stop Dog Meat -

Lisa Case - Chicago Chinese Consul General, help us to end the dog and cat meat trade ---NEW

Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre Of Guangyuan - Ban Yulin Dog Meat Festival & The Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Angela Joves - End Yulin Festival Forever

Mikeala Caccamo - End Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival For Good

Stop Yulin 2017 - YULIN STILL GOES ON

Andrea Gung - (Duo Duo Project) - Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China

Duo Duo Project - Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Duo Duo Project - Stop Cruelty of Cat Meat Trade. Stolen Pets Killed and Cooked

Duo Duo Project - Stop the Brutal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Guangdong (Canton), China

Sharon Dalessio - We NEED animal protection law in China!!!!

Care 2 Petitions


Fight Dog Meat - China: Stop Dog Meat Abuse

Elisa Caracciolo URGENT: Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival




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