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Not all citizens in these countries condone the horrific and cruel dog meat trade. There is a fast growing movement to implement change and a move away from these barbaric ancient traditions which have no place in the modern world.
They organise huge protests to grab the attention of the authorities and are instrumental in networking to stop the trucks carrying dogs to slaughter, find the hidden dog meat farms, risking their own safety to save the dogs and cats. They organise petitions that you and I can sign, even though we cant be there in person we can be in our support
There are organisations small and large and caring individuals around the world trying to make a difference for Asian dogs and cats.... to bring about a change in attitude to animals and to fight for welfare Countries where abandonment, indifference and cruelty is a huge problem, not to mention the excuse of 'tradition', actively taking dogs from the streets to protect them from the catchers for the meat trade and from starvation and the harsh winters on the streets. The rescuers needs are great.... housing feeding and medical treatment for hundreds of animals in a society where it is incredibly difficult to promote themselves Internationally or to ask for help through donations where social media such as Facebook is blocked. Many of these wonderful compassionate groups give up so much of their lives to help stop the atrocities and improve the lives of dogs and cats....
Please spare a thought for these tireless workers, young and old, with scant resources but with huge hearts full of compassion. follow the links and give whatever you can..... every little donation helps so much
This page has a comprehensive list of rescue and welfare organisations needing your support ......they are making a difference, slowly but surely..... lets keep the ball rolling......maintain the support.....our collective worldwide voices will be heard CLICK HERE for full list.

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Change For Animals Foundation

How do you see the future of the dog meat trade?

“I really believe for the first time since getting involved in this campaign that we will see an end to the dog meat trade within my lifetime”

This is the final part of the series of a three part short video series of interviews with Change For Animals Foundation’s co-founder and programmes director for our anti-dog meat campaigns, Lola Webber, and our wonderful celebrity ambassador, Peter Egan, where they discuss why there is hope for Asia’s dogs caught up in the brutal dog meat trade.

Published on 15th Feb 2018


The video is a must watch takes a few moments to load!!

Save The Animals, make this world a Better Place


Beautiful activists and animal lovers are taking care of the dogs, even sleeping with them in China



Dogs Rescued from slaughterhouse

Published by Sheena Gao fashion label designer

Published on 12th November 2015
"I created this video after my visited one of the many private rescue shelters in Beijing China Oct.2015. This little shelter is called "812 忠犬救助之家“, meaning "812 Faithful Dog Rescue Home". Where Du Ta and his friends are taking care of the 150 dogs they rescued from the truck bond to slaughter house! - Sheena Gao"

Sheena's FB PAGE 812 Faithful Dog Rescue China - CLICK HERE

Chinese Celebrities Calling for Compassion

Published on 19/06/2016

Many well known Chinese celebrities have joined our campaign for animals in China. Together, they sent out a message loud and clear, calling for compassion towards animals.

Change has to come from within, education is key to get more people onboard to understand animals around us and care for life and that's what's needed the most in China.

Chinese pole dancers pose as stray dogs to protest Yulin Dog meat Festival

Published on 28/06/2015

The controversial Yulin dog meat festival has continued to attract criticism, with the Chinese national pole dancing team the latest to join the chorus of protests.

In a series of pictures, the dancers leave behind their glamorous outfits to pose as stray dogs that are chained, tied up and caged. The photo series is a recreation of the brutal treatment of dogs in the country.

One of the photos shows a dancer posing as a dog being dragged by a van. Another shows a cleaver threatening two dancers who are tied by their necks, looking terrified as they await slaughter.

One particularly provocative picture shows a dancer gagged with her hands and legs tied up as a person adds oil to a fire behind her, recreating the image of a dog being torched.

The image is accompanied by a caption that reads: "Just like that, I slowly die to satisfy their desire for 'dog meat with crispy skin'. Does it smell good?"

According to English language tabloid Shanghaiist, the dancers hope to raise public awareness about animal protection in an effort to end cruelty against dogs.

Many people, including celebrities such as British comedian Ricky Gervais and Chinese actress Yang Mi, have spoken out against the Yulin festival, in which some 10,000 dogs are reportedly killed for their meat.

However, supporters of the festival argue that eating dog meat is a tradition, and claim that it is good for health.

A series of photos created by members of China’s National Pole Dancing Team and dance troupe Pole 11 aiming to raise public awareness about animal rights has triggered heated discussions on social media. The photo series appeared online just days before the annual dog meat festival in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on June 21. Many of the images are recreations of photos that previously appeared in Chinese media. Sexy pole dancers are posing as stray dogs being captured and tortured in protest at China's barbaric canine-eating culture. Pole dancers pose as tortured stray dogs -- to protest against dog-eating festival. National pole dancing team promotes animal rights by posing as stray dogs. #YulinDogMeatFestival China's Pole Dancers Go All Out Against Cruelty Meted Out To Dogs. Pole dancers protest animal cruelty. Pole dancers challenge dog meat festival with provocative photo series.



Warning Some viewers may find scenes in the video distressing

Published on 07/05/2015

“Ve di Vang oi” campaign is being launched with the support and participation of some of Vietnam’s best-known artists and celebrities, such as Quoc Trung, director Charlie Nguyen, choreographer Tran Ly Ly, singers Thu Minh, Uyen Linh, Ha Le, Chipu, Gil Le, Quang Dang, Truong Thi May, Trang Phap, Truc Nhan, Dong Hung, Trung Quan and rapper Suboi.

In May 2015,Vietnam’s National Assembly will discuss for the first time the inclusion of animal protection laws under the Veterinary Law. This is an important step forward for Vietnam’s animals and potentially a ground-breaking event for those organisations, such as ACPA, who have been campaigning for legislative protection for animals for many years.