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this was the photo on the left that went viral for this years Yulin in China .....just look at him now .....see what love can do

Slaughterhouse Survivors HRB (Animal Rescue)



The calls for a Dog Meat Free Indonesia keep getting louder! 
Last week 13 December 2017, our wonderful friends the legendary SHAGGYDOG - winners of the Indonesian Music Award in 2014, the ambassador for Dogs Are Not Food campaign since 2013 and the only representative from Indonesia, supported by Indonesian Consulate General, performing at a globally known The South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016 Conference & Festivals at Austin, Texas - encouraged fans at their 20th anniversary concert to support our campaign to make Indonesia Dog Meat Free!

Huge thanks to Shaggydog and their awesome fans, the Doggies and Honies!!! Join the movement today!
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25th November 2017

World Dog Alliance, along with multiple Congressmen of South Korea, participated, gave speeches and showed support to CARE’s conference in the South Korea National Assembly, promoting the slogan “ban dog meat, cherish dogs”.

We are so glad to see a light of hope shine in South Korea for legislation banning dog meat consumption.

orld Dog Alliance, along with multiple Congressmen of South Korea, participated, gave speeches and showed support to CARE’s conference in the South Korea National Assembly, promoting the slogan “ban dog meat, cherish dogs”.


15th November 2017

CHANGE will come, if you fight hard enough for it. Help us...there is still so much more work to be done. It will take everyone to help to us to WIN THIS FIGHT for the dogs and cats suffering out there. 

From Marc Ching 
HRes 401, the resolution condemning the dog meat trade in Asia, has been marked up and voted out of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Thank you Ed Royce for your leadership, and the other member within the committee for recognizing the need to push such a resolution through. We are hoping the majority leaders will now call HRes 401 to the floor, where the resolution can be voted on.
Special thanks to Congressman Hastings and his office, for all their hard work. To Vern Buchanan. And to all the activists and groups that pushed to make this happen.


15th November 2017

"Thank you to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for passing H.Res.401 out of Committee. It is my sincere hope that the House Leadership will expeditiously bring this resolution to the Floor, so that the United States can send a strong message to the world that dogs and cats should not be slaughtered and sold as a food." - Congressman Alcee L. Hastings

Hastings Applauds Foreign Affairs Committee on Passage H.Res.401

A Resolution Urging all Nations to Outlaw the Dog and Cat Meat Trade and to Enforce Existing Laws Against Such Trade

(Washington, D.C.) Today, Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) made the following statement after the House Foreign Affairs Committee favorably reported H.Res.401, urging all nations to outlaw the dog and cat  meat  trade  and  to enforce existing laws against such trade. The resolution was introduced by Congressman Hastings and Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) in June and currently has 101 co-sponsors.   

“I commend Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and Ranking Member Eliot Engel (D-NY) for supporting H.Res.401, and applaud the House Foreign Affairs Committee for its passage,” said Congressman Hastings. “I hope the House will expeditiously pass this measure. Doing so will reaffirm America’s commitment to the humane treatment of our most beloved companions.” 

“Furthermore, I am so deeply appreciative to the thousands of supporters who continue to work tirelessly around the globe to end the dog and cat trade. It is my hope that this resolution will bring us one step closer to accomplishing that goal.”

“Dogs and cats provide companionship to millions and should not be slaughtered and sold as food,” Congressman Buchanan said. “It’s time to provide important protections for our most popular pets.”

Congressman Alcee L. Hastings serves as Senior Member of the House Rules Committee, Ranking Democratic Member of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, and Co-Chairman of the Florida Delegation. CLICK HERE




$8,050 of $12k goal - September 2017



WE ALL AGREE AWARENESS MUST INCREASE! These billboards are reaching people and helping them to make the obvious connection….a dog is a dog….”meat dog” = “pet dog.” “meat cat” = “pet cat.” Even in this country many well-meaning people are unfortunately apathetic to events that occur outside their comfort bubble, and turn a blind eye to reality, not wanting ‘to know.’


Did you know it’s legal in 44 United States to eat dogs and cats? We want to outlaw it to prevent the Asian-style trade from taking firm roots in our country. Please help us pass this law by joining the group Activists for H.R.1406. CLICK HERE


June 22, 2017 news on House Resolution 30

Although House Resolution 30 has 165+ cosponsors, leaders of the Foreign Affairs Committee and of the House of Representatives communicated to our movement in June of 2017 that they would not be pushing the resolution to the House floor for a vote because of several reasons:

1) It singles out China. The barbaric practice is done in many Asian countries and singling out China doesn't seem like a wise thing to do. (America's complex financial tangles with China may have a lot to do with this reason as well.)

2) It was reported by several animal activist groups and picked up by several major news outlets that there would be a ban on dog meat sales at the Yulin Festival in 2017. House Leadership said the resolution would not be supported if brought to the floor because the barbaric part of the festival was reported to be "over" because of this ban. The resolution was partially centered around condemning this festival.

The reality is that there seems to be no ban on dog meat sales at the Yulin festival this year. You are free to draw your own conclusions about the reasons given. Again, the United States' complex financial ties to China may have a LOT to do with the major reason they don't want to push it to the floor for a vote. And it is House Leadership who gets to make the final call. And the bottom line is, they do have a point.. It DOES single out one country.

The good news is that a new similar resolution has just been introduced that calls out many major countries who allow this practice to continue. This Resolution does not single out just one country, and also includes cats. As soon as the resolution is finalized, we are going to start pushing hard for that one to pass. CLICK HERE


19th June 2017 Evidence shows dogs in Bali are being brutally killed and the meat sold to unsuspecting tourists....

Australian tourists are unwittingly eating dog meat in Bali. "Dog meat is essentially filtering into the tourist food chain [in Bali]," Ms White said. "They're just sitting down ordering satay having no idea that they're eating dog." 

Evidence shows dogs in Bali are being brutally killed and the meat sold to unsuspecting tourists

Image Source: Animals Australia

Terrified dogs caught, muzzled and put into bags. Over four months, an undercover investigator for Animals Australia infiltrated the dog trade in Bali. It is dark inside. The dogs are lying in their own urine and faeces. They whimper and strain to breathe through the tape that binds their mouths shut.
Shortly, he will bludgeon them to death with a metal pole....READ FULL STORY 

Evidence shows dogs in Bali are being brutally killed and the meat sold to unsuspecting tourists

Image Source: Animals Australia


12th June 2017 - Chinese police save 500 cats in cages meant for sale to restaurants in China, man arrested - A man was arrested in eastern China's Jiangsu province for allegedly capturing pet cats and stray cats to sell to restaurants for 30 yuan (S$6) per feline, Chinese media said. A raid by the Danyang city police uncovered more than 500 cats, all of which were later released. They were allegedly caught to be sold to restaurants in other Chinese cities, Chinese news site reported. The police told the media on Sunday (June 11) that a journalist had tipped them off about a batch of cats meant for sale on a truck. The cats were squeezed into tiny cages in the heat, and some of them were panting, with glazed eyes and mewling.

Chinese police save 500 cats in cages meant for sale to restaurants in China, man arrested

 Image source: SINA WEIBO

A villager who gave his name only as Mr Yang told the reporter that there were more cats in a hut nearby. Mr Yang had made a police report after his pet cats started to go missing, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday.At the hut, there were many more metal cages filled with different coloured cats, with a fan turned on to keep them from dying in the heat. Mr Yang said the man caught the cats by using sparrows as bait. Just last November, nearly 1,000kg of fresh and frozen cat meat was found in a raid of three buildings in Chengdu, in south-western Sichuan province. They were reportedly sold under the guise of rabbit meat.....Source

Chinese police save 500 cats in cages meant for sale to restaurants in China, man arrestedChinese police save 500 cats in cages meant for sale to restaurants in China, man arrested

 Images source: SINA WEIBO


Devastating News from Marc Ching "Today on Capital Hill as we met with lawmakers to speak about the AHWF Anti Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act HR 1406. We learned that HRes 30, the resolution condemning the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin - IS NOT GOING TO PASS. "

WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION, extremely upsetting Image attached in the post ----> CLICK HERE


08 June 2017 - Chinese city introduces ‘one dog policy’ for households

Dog owners in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao, in Shandong province, will face new regulations beginning June 8 that restrict households to just one dog and ban all dogs of certain breeds, The Beijing News reported Wednesday.

Forty breeds deemed as dangerous by experts, including dogs like pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and Tibetan mastiffs, have been banned outright.

Households that already have more than one registered dog that has been properly immunised will not be affected. There are also other exceptions to the regulations, including for guide dogs for the blind.

Estimates say there were about 100 million registered pets in China in 2015, with dogs accounting for 62 percent. Qingdao is not the first city in China to promote a one-dog policy. The official told The Beijing News that they decided on the “one dog, one household” rule after learning that it had already been implemented other cities.

Qingdao, in the eastern part of China, released new rule that will levy fines of 2,000 yuan ($294) on people who have more than one dog.....READ MORE


An important breakthrough towards ending the dog meat trade in Vietnam

An important breakthrough towards ending the dog meat trade in Vietnam

29th May 2017 -Soi Dog Foundation was invited to a meeting of the People's Committee of District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, and asked if we would work with them to provide permanent and sustainable solutions for District 12 to become the first district of Vietnam to be dog meat trade-free.

We expect this development to create a snowball effect throughout other districts in Vietnam. The People’s Committee asked us to provide direction, practical help, and insight in the following areas:

1. Research into the scale, volume, and location of local slaughterhouses, holding areas, markets, dog and cat meat restaurants and dog thieving activity
2. Develop a proposal for a total ban on dog meat and present it to the board of the People's Committee of District 12
3. Launch an action plan to eliminate all aspects of the dog meat trade across District 12
4. Review and improve the status of dog and cat animal welfare within District 12

The Chairman of the People's Committee is committed to achieving these goals, and Soi Dog Foundation will commit all resources necessary to make this happen. Source CLICK HERE


20th May 2017 - The latest from China  Massive Rally for Ending The Dog Meat Trade Dalian, China - A massive rally took place in Dalian as an annual event organized by the Dalian municipal government. More than 1000 activists took advantage of the event, took their dogs with than, displayed a huge banner calling for outlawing the dog meat industry and legislating animal protection. Vshine Animal Protection Association, a Humane Society International partner group was a organizer of the rally for animals. See the photos from the rally. China's animal protection movement is driven by the younger generation who sees animal cruelty as a roadblock to China's greatness. . Source CLICK HERE

Massive Rally for Ending The Dog Meat Trade
May 20, 2017. Dalian, China


Animal Hope & Wellness/The Compassion Project - Previously Recorded Live

Animal Hope & Wellness/The Compassion Project, Stop Yulin Forever and I Stand With My Pack to Host a special Yulin Q&A Panel Event on May 7th in Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles, California, May 2nd, 2017 –

Marc Ching’s Animal Hope & Wellness/The Compassion Project, I Stand With My Pack and Stop Yulin Forever, the Los Angeles based non-profits, will host a special panel event at a private Beverly Hills residence on Sunday, May 7th, 2017. The purpose of the panel will be to speak about the change we are working to create, and how other people can get involved.This will be a glimpse into what we call The Yulin Project, a campaign that we are pushing inside and outside of Asia. We will speak about our current endeavors, our Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act HR 1406, The Animal Hope and Wellness microchip program in China, all of the non-profit’s initiatives to stop the dog & cat meat trade, and upcoming meetings with the Yulin government.

The panelists will include: 
Marc Ching of Animal Hope & Wellness/The Compassion Project

Aleksandra Schiffer of I Stand With My Pack

Shannen Doughtery will speak about HR 1406 - The Anti Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act and why this bill is important. 

Shaun Monson will speak about bearing witness. And why a documentary about Yulin and the Dog Meat Trade is essential. 

Otep Shamaya of I Stand With My Pack

Julie Wardrop will speak about Dogs and Cats Off the Menu, how they started and what they are doing to raise awareness.  

Tami Cho Zussman of Dogs Of Violence Exposed will speak about extreme cruelty of dog meat trade in Korea and how it compares to Chinese market.  


Vietnam: Joining Forces To End the Cruel and Illegal Trade in Dogs - Source CLICK HERE

Last weekend, as a founding member of the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA), Change For Animals Foundation co-hosted the second of our series of workshops in Vinh City, Vietnam, to help build the capacity of local groups working throughout the country to tackle the dog meat trade.

By providing practical training to 10 local groups located throughout the country, and with the participation and support of key government officials, we are committed to supporting the strengthening of political and public support needed to end the dog meat trade in Vietnam.

Mr Duong Tat Thang – the Director of Area 3 Animal Health – gave a strong and inspiring opening speech at the workshop, pledging his commitment to working with ACPA to reach the dual and inextricably linked goals of fulfilling Vietnam’s pledge to eliminate rabies by 2020 and to end the illegal dog meat trade.
ACPA will continue to work with the authorities and local groups to equip them with skills, resources and knowledge to ensure adequate enforcement of existing laws and regulations; educating local communities and authorities about the risks to human health and the risk to rabies control achievements and programs; and promoting compassion and respect for dogs and ultimately all animals.

ACPA is also delighted to welcome Four Paws as a new member to ACPA. We believe we are stronger when working together- uniting forces, resources, skills and expertise.. because change can’t come soon enough for the animals in desperate need.


13th February 2017 - Phuket’s renowned Gill Dalley, animal welfare pioneer and Soi Dog co-founder, has died from cancer, age 58. Photo: Soi Dog Foundation

Gill Dalley Soi Dog Co founder Dies 2017

Photo: Soi Dog Foundation

Press Releases

Message from John Dalley, Co-Founder, Soi Dog Foundation:
I apologise for the lack of personal response but have been overwhelmed with condolences which give an indication of the regard with which she was held throughout the world.
She died in my arms peacefully after fighting to the end, as always, but this was always one battle too far even for her.
I do understand that there are people who would have liked to have said goodbye, but it was Gill’s wish that she be remembered as she was and not in her final days.
It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that without Gill there would be no Soi Dog today.
When she lost her legs in 2004 I was fully prepared to end it then. Gill would have none of it.
I well remember her head doctor in Bangkok, who was a sikh, telling her that none of the medical team understood how she had survived, and he believed she must still have a purpose to fulfil. Gill’s response was; 'I do'.
The current shelter, cat hospital and most recently the new dog hospital, were all designed and exist because of her, and were all built because of her desire to provide a refuge to animals who had nobody else to turn to.
A perfectionist, she was determined that the animals would have the best she could give them. She toiled night and day for 3 years to design and supervise the building of what is Asia’s largest and most modern hospital for dogs.
Another doctor back in 2004 told her that double amputees in Thailand rarely wear prosthetics because too difficult and painful to use. He also said to her I think you will be different. Once she had taught herself she told me to get rid of the wheelchair as would never use again.
Nobody was aware of the constant pain she suffered from her legs. Most of the time her stumps were covered in blisters and sores owing to the heat and humidity here not suiting the socks and liners amputees have to wear.
But she never complained and always refused to use her wheelchair when I tried to persuade her to take a break. It has remained in our storeroom for the past 12 years, and only came out this past month.
Attached are just 3 of many photos I have of Gill.
The first is from January 2005 and taken less than 3 weeks after she discharged herself from hospital managing a mobile clinic after the tsunami. Prior to that she counselled survivors and relatives of the disaster in Takua Pa and Phuket. She never stopped for 3 months and put off learning to walk again to complete the mission.
The second is my favourite, and shows her happy, with just one of the thousands of dogs she was responsible for rescuing and transforming over the years.
The third is what drove her. She was always a champion for the underdog whether an animal or a human. This particular dog now lives on the Yorkshire Coast in the UK. One of around 50 a month that SDF now adopts from the shelter that SHE established.
Thank you again for your kind words and thoughts.
John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation





05 January 2017 - Amazing Chinese students share emotional anti dog meat messages

Amazing Chinese students share emotional anti dog meat messages

Image Source: Animal Aisa

Organisers of a China-wide display of “No to cat and dog meat” posters were left reeling by the emotional response from young people demanding the cruelty be stopped. Animals Asia teamed up with local groups China Youth Animal Protection Alliance and to organise the poster tour, which enabled over 160,000 people to see the artwork and learn about cat and dog welfare.

Amazing Chinese students share emotional anti dog meat messages

Image Source: Animal Aisa

On display were award-winning posters from Animals Asia’s third poster competition designed by young Chinese animal lovers.
The tour visited 78 universities, schools and shopping malls across China and hundreds of those who attended wrote their own responses detailing their close relationship with companion animals and urging others to protect our furry friends.......READ MORE

Chinese students share anti dog meat messages