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14th December 2015 - HSI - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - More Dogs Rescued From Butchers in South Korea, Arrive in America - Over the past week, Humane Society International has shepherded the transport of 26 dogs from South Korea to the United States. It’s been the best kind of whiplash for these pups – rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea and now bound for loving homes here in the United States. It’s the fourth such farm HSI has helped close down just this year...... READ MORE

9th December 2015 - Kaohsiung to impose heavy fines for eating dog or cat meat - Kaohsiung, Dec. 9 (CNA) Kaohsiung residents who eat dog or cat meat will soon face a stiff fine under regulations passed by the Kaohsiung City Council on Wednesday. Hsu Jung-pin (徐榮彬), the head of Kaohsiung's Animal Protection Office, said the existing Animal Protection Act bans killing cats and dogs or selling their carcasses, but the city government wanted to further clamp down on the practice of eating dog or cat meat or any food that contain their meat as an ingredient....... READ MORE

3rd December 2015 - The Mirror - Dog charity cash mystery as animal lovers hounded for asking where £70,000 donations have gone - Campaigners, including Downton Abbey star Peter Egan, received smears when questions were asked about No To Dog Meat..... READ MORE

2nd December 2015 - Thanh Nien News - Vietnamese arrested in Taiwan for posting photos of killing dogs on Facebook - Police in Taiwan said Tuesday they had arrested a Vietnamese for posting pictures of him abusing dogs while holding a gun on his Facebook page.
Dang Van Ngoc, 23, was arrested in Taipei on Sunday after police received a tip-off from an environment protection group that the man abused, killed and ate cats and dogs, Focus Taiwan reported.
Ngoc has admitted to posting the pictures showing him killing dogs, but said he did that in Vietnam and his relatives sent the pictures to him.
He also said the pistol in the pictures was a toy gun.
Ngoc said he used to work as a policeman in Vietnam, earning around US$300 a month before he came to Taiwan in 2012 to find a better paying job.
His first job at a metal company did not fetch him any more than at home, and so he left in October 2014 and started looking for jobs through illegal brokers.
Ngoc faces deportation if prosecutors decide to indict him for violating Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act and Immigration Act.

18th November 2015 The Dodo - Dog Meat Can Never Be Justified As 'Culture - Asia's dog meat trade was recently debated in Britain's Houses of Parliament for the first time. It was a passionate debate that touched on concerns about animal welfare, human health and crime that so define the trade. But it also raised the idea that eating dogs is cultural and, as such, Westerners with our soppy sensibilities about animals should be cautious in interfering. I strongly disagree..... READ MORE

10th November 2016 - HSI - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - Don’t For a Minute Excuse Eating Dog Meat As a Cultural Prerogative - The very idea of dogs as meat is unthinkable for most people, but an estimated 30 million dogs are slaughtered each year for local consumption in a handful of Asian countries, including China, Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam. We’d be wrong, however, to think the vast majority of the people in these countries participate as suppliers or consumers: dog meat is considered something of a delicacy, and is not a staple food for the poor. We would also be wrong to assume that vast majority of people in these countries are comfortable with the whole crude, sickening enterprise. It’s partly on that assumption that The HSUS and Humane Society International have made ending the dog meat trade a major priority, getting on the ground in these nations to help bring an end to this betrayal of a bond first forged between humans and dogs 30,000 years ago...... READ MORE

11th November 2015 The Dodo - We're So Close To Ending The Dog Meat Trade Forever - The very idea of dogs as meat is unthinkable for most people, but an estimated 30 million dogs are slaughtered each year for local consumption in a handful of Asian countries, including China, Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam.... READ MORE

28th October 2015 Parliamen UK- MPs debate the dog meat trade.... READ MORE

21st September 2015 - Mail online - Knocked out with a club and blowtorched ALIVE: How 'hundreds of thousands' of dogs and cats are being cruelly slaughtered for meat in Indonesian markets - The overpowering stench of charred skin wafts through the 'meat section' of Tomohon market, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
As flies buzz around the carcasses of dogs, cats, pigs and snakes which are strewn across the blood-stained floor, two teenage girls pick out the dog they want for dinner.... READ MORE

18th September 2015 - HSI - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - Fight Against the Dog Meat Trade Picks Up - The living conditions remind me of American puppy mills – varying breeds of dogs, packed into wire cages often lifted off the ground, fetid water in bowls, and a look of doom and sadness in their eyes..... READ MORE

27th Auguat 2015 - One Green Planet - How Disease and the Dog Meat Trade Threatens the Survival of Bali’s Heritage Doge - Bali is home to not only some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, but also to a very unique and beautiful dog – the indigenous Bali Heritage Dog. Often perceived to be “street mutts,” this could not be further from the truth. The Bali heritage dog is of unique value to the local communities with which it lives and is of significant international scientific value, representing the world’s richest domestic dog gene pool – the world’s last “true” dog. But the Bali dog – the soul of Balinese society – is under threat of extinction........ READ MORE

6th July 2015 - One Green Planet - The Real, Tragic Stories of Pet Dogs Stolen From Their Homes and Sold Into the Meat Trade - When we first began construction of our bear rescue center in Chengdu, China in the year 2000, one day that stands out more vividly than others was when Boris, our Project Director, and I were walking back to our accommodation in the late afternoon and came across someone violently beating something obviously alive and screaming in a sack.......... READ MORE

1st July 2015 - Another dog meat 'festival' approaching in Korea: help stop this slaughter - The Yulin dog meat festival has just passed, and now Korea is gearing up for Sambok/Boknal which means “three dog meat eating days.” This slaughter is another "tradition" that concocts an excuse to eat dog and cat meat. This 'festival' is touted as a means to 'fight the heat during the summer.' Why are dogs eaten then? Because according to the website Life In Korea, this time period is known throughout the region as the "dog days of summer.".... READ MORE

30th June 2015 - One Green Planet - Attention People Who Eat Dog Meat! Here are 3 Major Health Concerns You Should Know About - Although the concept of eating dog meat is completely unheard of in the U.S., in other parts of the world, it is regarded just the same as eating chicken or cow. In Vietnam, for example, approximately five million dogs are killed every year for meat, other places dog meat is eaten include Europe, Russia, Africa, Latin America, China, the Philippines, and South Korea......... READ MORE

26th June 2015 - Ricky Gervais Says Yulin Dog Meat Festival is Heart-Breaking, as HSI Rescues 'Little Ricky' Dog in His Honour - LONDON—Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais is urging people to get behind Humane Society International’s campaign to shut down China’s cruel dog and cat meat trade, including the infamous Yulin dog meat festival that takes place this week, on June 22. Despite officials' denying that the Yulin dog meat festival will happen, mass dog slaughter will occur on that date, and Humane Society International filmed festival slaughter preparations underway in Yulin late last month. Writing a heart-felt message to HSI’s supporters, Gervais warned that thousands of terrified dogs and cats—many of them stolen pets still wearing collars—are being taken from the streets in China, miserably packed into wire cages without food or water and driven on trucks for hundreds of miles to be brutally killed for human consumption. HSI is asking supporters to sign its petition to China’s Guangxi Party Secretary Peng Qinghua....READ MORE

26th June 2015 - From Peter Li (HSI) - Rescued Dog and Cats Saying Goodbye to Yulin - Dr. Peter Li is the China policy specialist at Humane Society International. He assisted with the rescue of some lucky animals at a slaughterhouse horror show.... READ MORE

23rd June 2015 - Simon Cowell and Ricky Gervais lead the call to ban ‘disgraceful animal torture and cruelty’ at Chinese dog meat festival - X Factor judge Simon Cowell has branded China's annual dog meat festival as 'barbaric' and called for it to be banned. The music mogul is the latest high profile name to call for an end to the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, after comedian Ricky Gervais also slammed it as a 'Dog Torture Festival'.... READ MORE

23rd June 2015 - Chinese City Defends Dog Meat Festival, Despite Scorn - YULIN, China — It was the night before the summer solstice, and the tables at a streetside food stall here were set for the annual feast: steamed pumpkin, sautéed morning glory, smashed cucumbers and cold-skin rice flour noodles. At the center of each table were the two traditional dishes most essential to the celebration here: fresh lychees and heaping bowls of stewed dog, pungent with ginger, garlic, dried orange peels, bay leaves and fennel...... READ MORE

22nd June 2015 - HSI - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - Yulin Dog Meat Festival Provokes Global Fury - For the last two mornings, Adam Parascandola, director of animal protection and crisis response for Humane Society International (HSI), has woken up at 3 a.m. in China to bear witness to one of the most horrific scenes you can imagine: the slaughter of thousands of dogs – and cats – for the Yulin dog meat “festival.” Adam is in Yulin with 22 other activists from HSI and our local partners on the ground. Their aim is to build momentum to stop this monstrous spectacle that persists despite surging local protests and a growing international clamor for this cruelty to end.... READ MORE

22nd June 2015 - IVT News - Millions protest as China's controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival begins - Millions of people have signed an online petition calling for an end to China's controversial annual Yulin Dog Meal Festival, which begins today...... READ MORE

20th June 2015 - Foreign workers reminded not to eat dog, cat or face heavy penalty - Taipei, June 20 (CNA) The authorities are asking employers of foreign workers in Taiwan and recruitment agencies to step up animal rights education to help prevent cat or dog-eating incidents, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the Ministry of Labor said...... READ MORE

19th June 2015 - Friend or food? Dog meat trade divides China.......Peter Li, Special to CNN, June 19, 2015 - Yulin's dog meat "festival," where some 10,000 dogs are slaughtered and served up as meals, is often wrongly assumed to be an ancient Chinese tradition. In fact, the festival only dates back to 2009 when it was launched in the city in China's southwest to celebrate the summer solstice. The consumption of dog meat does have historical precedence in China. At its height during the Han Dynasty (202 - 220 AD), dog meat was considered a delicacy. Yet, dog eating soon lost favor and by the Sui-Tang dynasties (581 -- 907 AD), dog eating had been rejected as an indecent habit. Subsequent dynasties valued dogs as helpers and hunting buddies... READ MORE

18th June 2016 - One Green Planet - Where do Dogs for the Meat Trade Come From? - Turns Out Most are Stolen From Rural Homes - A four-year investigation into the dog meat industry, published by Animals Asia, has uncovered no evidence of any large-scale breeding facilities in the country, supporting long-standing claims that the vast majority of so-called “meat dogs” are in fact stolen companion animals and strays... READ MORE

16th June 2015 Independent- Ricky Gervais hits out at Chinese Yulin Dog Meat Festival with new animal rights campaign - The comedian has denounced the cruelty of the festival, which sees tens of thousands of dogs slaughtered. Ricky Gervais has launched a new animal rights campaign, protesting against the cruelty of the Yulin Dog Meat festival... READ MORE

6th June 2015 - Cruel trade: the flourishing cat-meat restaurants of north Vietnam - Cats destined for the pot are transported in squalid conditions before a cruel death. With policemen and military officers their most devoted customers, the illegal restaurants appear safe from prosecution, Simon Parry finds... READ MORE

8th June 2015 - Independent - Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China: Animal welfare campaigners restart petition amid distrust over government 'ban' - The government claims it has put a stop to the infamous festival, where dogs and cats are killed in their thousands to mark the summer solstice. But protesters say the announcement has the air of a cover-up...READ MORE

1st June 2015 - BBC - Chinese dog-eating festival outrages foreigners - Outrage on social media over an annual dog-eating festival in China has been growing every year - and this year it's trended across the world. Will the anger eventually end the practice of eating dog meat in China?... READ MORE

17th May 2015 - Thanh Nien News - Animal rights group sends petition to Vietnamese legislators - The organizer of a recent campaign against dog meat trade has submitted a petition to Vietnam's National Assembly, asking legislators to include animal protection provisions in their discussion of a veterinary bill next month.
The Asia Canine Protection Alliance's petition requested the new legislation to ensure that all animals must be adequately provided with food, water, accommodation and health services, local media reported.
Animals in sport tournaments or entertainment shows should also be protected from fears and injuries, the petition demanded.
All slaughterhouses must use humane methods, which will be regulated by the agricultural ministry, to kill animals for meat, it said.
The petition is the next step following the campaign “Ve di Vang oi” launched last month to collect one million signatures in support of a ban on the trade in dog meat.
The campaign has so far received 430,000 signatures, which the alliance says is an important base for it to submit the petition to Vietnam's legislative body.
Many well-known artists and celebrities in the country have joined the campaign.
According to ACPA, 5 million dogs are slaughtered for food in Vietnam every year, and many of them are stolen family pets.
They are packed tightly into cages and transported for days. Many dogs die of suffocation, dehydration or heatstroke. The final destinations for the dogs are the slaughterhouses, markets and dog meat restaurants where they are brutally killed, the group said.

28th Apirl 2015 - The Illegal Dog Meat Festival That Nobody Is Stopping - Recent news out of China suggesting that officials have "banned" the Yulin dog meat festival has understandably given campaigners cause for hope. However, this announcement is not what it appears to be, and the hundreds of thousands of dogs — and cats —suffering in Yulin and other Chinese animal markets still need our help... READ MORE

20th March 2015 - HSI - The South Korean 57 – Delivered From the Clutches of the Dog Meat Trade - This week, we turned around the fortunes of 57 dogs set to be butchered after a short, brutish life on a dog meat farm in South Korea, and shepherded them to the United States. They’ll be treated and cared for at the East Bay SPCA, Marin Humane Society, Sacramento SPCA, and San Francisco SPCA, before being adopted out to loving homes. Among the group were beagles, poodles, Korean Jindos and large Tosas who have spent their entire lives in small, filthy, crowded cages, waiting to be killed. As they arrived in San Francisco, tails wagged, barking resumed and many kisses were given. The smallest gesture of affection was met with unbridled enthusiasm. These lucky 57, including adorable pups like Elly in this video, should never lack again for any human kindness...... READ MORE

16th March 2015 - Thanh Nien News - Heart-wrenching photo heats up dog meat debate on social media - A photo featuring a small girl crying next to a roughly-roasted dog has gone viral on Vietnamese social media over the last few days.
After so many re-posts, it's now not clear who first posted the photo as well as details of where and when it was taken, but it has sparked off heated debates over the dog meat eating habit in Vietnam.
In the photo, the girl aged 4-5 looked apparently shocked and painful as she touched the body of the dog in a flat basket.
Many assumed the photo was taken in a northern rural village, where it is usual for people to slaughter dogs for meat.
Some Facebook users said the photo reminds them of their sad and obsessing childhood memories when their loved dogs were also slaughtered by adults.

4th February 2015 - Thousands of kittens CRUSHED to death with a dumper truck in mass execution just hours after they were rescued from dinner table in Vietnam.... READ MORE

27th January 2015 - AFP - Thousands of seized cats feared buried alive in Vietnam - Vietnamese authorities have buried thousands of seized cats -- many believed to have been alive at the time -- after the felines were smuggled from China to feed the nation's illegal cat meat trade.
A truck containing three tons of live cats crammed into bamboo crates was impounded January 27 in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, with police initially undecided how to deal with the animals.
But on Wednesday, a police officer told AFP they had been buried in accordance with Vietnamese law on smuggled goods.
"The cats were from China, with no official origin papers and no quarantine," a policeman from the Dong Da district environmental police said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
"Several of them had died, there was a terrible smell that could affect the environment and carried risks of future diseases," he said.
"Therefore, we culled them by burying them," he said, declining to confirm how many were alive at the time of burial.
Animal protection groups, who pleaded in vain for the cats to be spared, fear many of the creatures were alive when they were buried.
Other smuggled animals, including chickens, are routinely disposed of in a similar way.
The Asian Canine Protection Alliance, a regional coalition of animal rights groups, said it had heard "inhumane stories as to how the (cats) may have been destroyed". "Our request for any visual evidence of their fate has been denied," the group said in a statement Wednesday, calling for the "practice of inhumane killing of trafficked animals" to be stopped. ....READ MORE

28th January 2015 - Thanh Nien News - 3 tons of living cats caught on way from China to Vietnamese restaurants - Hanoi police Tuesday seized a truck smuggling more than three tons of cats, all alive, to sell to restaurants in Vietnam.They checked the truck at around midnight when it was parked on a street, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.
Hoang Van Hieu, the 30-year-old driver and owner of the undocumented shipment, said he bought the cats at the border area and that all of them were from China, the paper said.
Police are investigating further, saying they will deal with the cats "in accordance with the laws".
In Vietnam, smuggled products are required to be destroyed. It is uncertain at this point what local authorities would do with these cats.
Cat smuggling from China is not new, but the practice has become more widespread recently.
Insiders said the biggest markets for cat meat are in Thai Binh and Nam Dinh provinces near Hanoi, where the meat is still considered by some as a delicacy and served at festive occasions like wedding parties.
Animal rights groups have condemned cat and dog meat trade in several Asian countries, including China and Vietnam.
Vietnamese health officials have warned of the risks of rabies, fungal skin diseases and typhoid fever to people involving in the smuggling, slaughtering and eating of animals that have not been tested. Cats are also the primary hosts of Toxoplasmosis gondii, a parasitic organism that can cause encephalitis and other neurological diseases, they said.

18th January 2015 - SF activist fights to end Chinese tradition of eating dog - Animal rights activists in San Francisco are holding the leashes to their dogs a little tighter when they see city buses roll by with colorful ads promoting tourism in China's Guangdong province. Andrea Gung wants to stop the dog meat trade in and near Guangdong. She is organizing a noon rally in San Francisco's Union Square on Feb. 19 -- Chinese New Year -- to encourage California Gov. Jerry Brown to speak out against the practice of slaughtering and eating dogs in China's southeastern provinces. Brown signed a sister state agreement with Guangdong last fall to strengthen economic ties.......READ MORE

9th January 2015 - HSI - The Snowball Effect: HSI Rescuers Take 23 Dogs Off the Menu in South Korea - The 23 survivors of the Korean dog meat trade arrived in the United States on a cold January day amidst bone-chilling temperatures and a bracing snowstorm, but theirs is a truly heartwarming story. For Snowball and the other dogs, the new year ushers in a new life, in a new country, with new and hopeful prospects as beloved companions. They will not be someone’s dinner. They are the beneficiaries of the first dog rescue operation of its kind. And they owe their journey to freedom and forever homes to a Humane Society International rescue team, its strong global partnerships, and a Korean farmer’s change of heart..... READ MORE


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