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26th December 2016 - Heartwarming rescue of dogs who were rescued from brutal illegal dog meat trade - Clover has run on grass for the first time after being rescued from the horrific Chinese trade by a small UK charity. The 12-month-old is one of scores being rescued from the horrific Chinese trade by a small UK charity. Cindi McNeil-Regan, 43, who runs Rushton Dog Rescue, said: “This evil trade should be shut down, so I decided to try to make a difference by saving some animals.” Clover was found by activists in China in a disturbingly skinny state, with severe skin problems and suffering pneumonia. Vets say he would have died in a month because of his poor diet and condition.....READ MORE

13th December 2016 - Dog slaughter banned in South Korean market - Officials in South Korea have banned the slaughter and butchering of dogs in the country's largest dog meat market.An agreement between the city of Seongnam and the vendors' association at Moran market means that slaughter facilities will be removed as early as next week, the Korea Herald newspaper reports. The 22 dog meat vendors at the market, which sells anything from antiques to live animals to the city's million residents, are to receive financial support to enable them to convert to different lines of business.....READ MORE

5th December 2016 - The Mirror - Hell of South Korean dog meat farms exposed - as caged, starved and frightened dogs await death - This is the sickening reality of the brutal dog meat trade in South Korea. More than 200 pups are stuffed into filthy rusting cages, fed on scraps before being dragged to the slaughterhouse.This hell exists for 2.5 million dogs across 17,000 farms in the country. Now for the first time, dogs destined for the dinner plate are to be rescued and brought back to Britain and Mirror readers also have the chance to give one of six tragic mutts the chance of a new life. Our shocking footage shows helpless dogs manically hurl themselves at the bars of rusting metal cages, their cries of misery creating a deafening din....READ MORE


20th November 2016 - The Mirror - Hundreds of dogs found whimpering and starved on cramped lorries 'headed to slaughterhouse for their meat' -

This horrifying video shows hundreds of dogs that were forced into cramped conditions on the back of a lorry thought to be bound for a slaughter house.The animals, which are thought to have been sold to traders, have been held at a transport authority compound in Henan Province since yesterday after a desperate effort to free them by animal activitsts. According to reports in China, none of the animals had ownership certificates - sparking fears they may have been pulled straight from the streets. It is not known where the lorry is headed, but it was intercepted by a group of local activists at a highway in Tianjin, Bazhou....READ MORE

26th September 2016 - A Dutch Article on the dog meat trade - nvermoeibaar in strijd tegen Aziatische hondenhandel .....READ MORE

21st September 2016 - Berkeley council calls for end to annual dog meat festival in China - BERKELEY — The City Council on Tuesday threw Berkeley’s moral authority behind a growing global drive to abolish an annual dog meat festival in China and end the resulting consumption, trade, killing, and abuse of the animals.“The continued practice of abusing, killing, and eating dogs is a clear example of animal cruelty,” Councilman Kriss Worthington, the sponsor of the resolution, said in a report to the council. “Millions of Chinese citizens have voiced their opposition to the Dog Meat Festival and have supported a ban on the dog meat trade in China altogether.”The annual festival in Yulin in Southern China marks the summer solstice and features the consumption of dog meat and lychees as part of a regional culinary tradition that goes back hundreds of years.....READ MORE

16th October 2016 “Vietnam’s nascent network of animal rescue volunteers seeks coalition”
“Last weekend, animal rescue volunteers from all over Vietnam gathered at the Continental Hotel in downtown Ho Chi Minh City for a conference on animal shelter management. Funded and organized by the same coalition of NGOs that successfully lobbied regional governments to halt the cross-border trade of dogs, the conference represented a first step toward creating a safe place for animals confiscated from the country’s trade in dog and cat meat."....READ MORE

15th September 2016 - Dog torture video brings tears to many at Congressional hearing. WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – Screams of disgust and anger accompanied by tears echoed throughout the Congressional Auditorium Wednesday morning as hundreds viewed a graphic video depicting the heinous torture and murder of countless dogs slaughtered throughout parts of Asia for the canine meat trade.

“I always said if you don’t see it no one will believe you,” said Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation founder Marc Ching while struggling to fight back tears. “You’ve got to see it, because once you do, if you can walk away from that you’re not human.”.... READ MORE

14th September 2016 BBC NEWS - Flying Korea's farmed dogs to safety - One of the most difficult things for Westerners to accept about living in South Korea, and some other Asian countries, is the custom of eating dogs. For many in the West, the very idea prompts feelings of nausea - while in some countries, including South Korea, it is a hallowed culinary tradition. But one group of Western campaigners now thinks it has a way of breaking the deadlock....READ MORE

14th September 2016 - DailyMail news - Lisa Vanderpump lobbies lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to pass Resolution condemning Yulin Dog Meat Festival - Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has been using her reality show to publicize the horrors of China's Yulin Dog Meat festival.
And on Wednesday the Bravo reality star and restaurateur will have an audience of lawmakers when she takes her fight to the nation's capital.
The committed animal rights advocate is one of several activists who plan to address the members of Congress in Washington D.C., seeking a formal U.S. condemnation of China's dog meat trade and in particular the annual Yulin Festival.....READ MORE

14th September 2016 - Talk Media News - Dog torture video brings tears to many at Congressional hearing - WASHINGTON (Talk Media News) – Screams of disgust and anger accompanied by tears echoed throughout the Congressional Auditorium Wednesday morning as hundreds viewed a graphic video depicting the heinous torture and murder of countless dogs slaughtered throughout parts of Asia for the canine meat trade. “I always said if you don’t see it no one will believe you,” said Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation founder Marc Ching while struggling to fight back tears. “You’ve got to see it, because once you do, if you can walk away from that you’re not human.” Ching is an animal rescuer who has travelled throughout China and other parts of Asia documenting atrocities committed against countless dogs as part of the canine meat trade. He had warned the audience as well as his fellow animal rescuers on the panel that the video would likely provoke significant emotional outrage.....READ MORE

12th September 2016 - Daily Mirror - Britain launches fight to stop brutal dog meat industry in the Far East - Britain is leading the way to help stop the brutal dog meat industry in the Far East. The pioneering move is geared towards changing attitudes in a host of countries including South Korea....READ MORE

"Maureen Hodgson" started a new movement on facebook for people to post a sefie with the Daily Mirror news paper, to see some more photos please see our facebook album - CLICK HERE TO SEE ALBUM

12th August 2016 - Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea posed with her pup Digby alongside fellow protesters who sported canine face masks as they urged MP's to act against South Korea's cruel factory farming of dogs....READ MORE

Lucy Watson (top second right) with her dog Digby joins campaigners outside Parliament urging Boris Johnson to encourage South Korea to end its dog meat trade

12th September 2016 - Dame Judi Dench is among the celebrities urging Boris Johnson to "vigorously encourage" South Korea to end its "cruel" dog meat trade - The renowned actress is joined by Downton Abbey star Peter Egan, author Jilly Cooper and Lucy Watson, of Made In Chelsea fame, in calling on the Foreign Secretary to press for reforms.....READ MORE

9th September 2016 -Daily Mirror - Brutal dog meat trade has shameful links to Britain as journey to death exposed ....READ MORE

8th September 2016 - Daily Mirror - Desperate campaigners try to save hundreds of dogs headed for meat factory in heartbreaking footage...READ MORE

7th September 2016- The Mirror - Defenceless dogs scream in agony as they are boiled ALIVE for sick trade in meat.... People gather round to watch as the greyhound is carried to the boiling cauldron by three men at a busy Chinese market. But one little boy watches in horror as the dog is lowered on a stick into the water, as many in the crowd laugh. The dog howls in terror and makes desperate attempts to escape. It takes two men to hold down a lid until the animal is dead. Animal rights campaigner Michele Brown said: “This animal died the worst death imaginable....READ MORE


11th August 2016 - Will Young to host concert at Chester Cathedral - concert is to raise funds for Soi Dog Foundation on December 14 ......READ MORE

11th August 2016 - The Mirror - No To Dog Meat loses complaint against Mirror article about "missing" donations .......READ MORE

8th August 2016 - Choi Yeo Jin's mother under fire for her vulgar words toward Olympian Ki Bo Bae for eating dog .......READ MORE

6th August 2016 - Scottish animal lover flies 5000 miles to fight to save dogs from sickening slaughter in South Korea .......READ MORE

6th August 2016 - It’s time to outlaw animal cruelty in China - Peter Li says the public outrage stirred by incidents of abuse on the mainland points to significant support for the Chinese government to finally address the issue.......READ MORE

5th August 2016 - As 1 million dogs are killed and eaten for Bok Nal ‘soup’ in South Korea, Jane Goodall supports groups mobilising to end cruel dog meat trade ....... READ MORE

4th August 2016 - Madeline Warren - Response to Criticisms about Dog Meat Activism - In the summer of 2015 and 2016 I traveled to Seoul in South Korea to campaign against the dog meat trade. I gained some criticism from both Koreans and non-Koreans. I hope to address some of these issues here....... READ MORE

27th July 2016 - The Dodo - Mobs Of People Stop Truck Carrying 300 Dogs To Slaughter - For more than 10 hours, 300 dogs sat in filthy cages. - It was incredibly hot. Many were hungry, dehydrated and in pain — from illness, injury and the sheer discomfort of being packed into such small spaces. They were crammed side by side together as if they were simply cargo...READ MORE

Image source: CAPP

22 July 2016 - Debate on South Korea and the dog meat trade - The Petitions Committee schedules a debate on South Korea and the dog meat trade following an e-petition which was started on MORE

The Petitions Committee schedules a debate on South Korea and the dog meat trade following an e-petition which was started on

Debate Monday 12 September, 4.30pm, Westminster Hall.

Watch Parliament TV: Debate on South Korea and the dog meat trade CLICK HERE
Read the petition and Government Response CLICK HERE
Petitions Committee CLICK HERE

15th July 2016 - Thanh Nien News - Vietnam to destroy 1 ton of live cats, chicken smuggled in from China - Customs officers in the northern province of Quang Ninh said Thursday they will destroy around half a ton each of cats and chickens they seized from two trucks and which they suspected were smuggled from China.They found the cats at around midnight Tuesday and the chickens the next morning.
Neither driver could produce any documents for the consignments, and the officers thought they were smuggled in to supply restaurants.
The drivers said they had merely been hired to carry the animals and did not know their origins.
The animals could have fetched VND45 million, or more than US$2,000.
But Vietnamese laws stipulate that illegal goods should be destroyed by crushing or burning.
The country’s biggest markets for cat meat are in Thai Binh and Nam Dinh Provinces, where it is still considered by some as a delicacy and served at festive occasions like wedding parties.
In January last year a huge cat smuggling case shocked the nation after the Hanoi police stopped a truck carrying three tons of cats, all alive, from China.
The animals, which were to be sold to restaurants in northern Vietnam, were culled.

13th July 2016 - Campaign launched to end dog meat trade in India - Shocking video footage of dogs being killed for meat in Nagaland, India has been newly released by Humane Society International/India as the animal protection group launches a major new campaign to end India’s brutal and illegal dog meat trade. HSI/India reveals the cruel trade of dogs for human consumption is prevalent in Nagaland and a few other north eastern states despite the practice being illegal. HSI/India estimates more than 30,000 stray and stolen pets are smuggled every year where they are sold in live markets and beaten to death with wooden clubs...READ MORE

image source: Alokparna Sengupta/Humane Society International

11th Juy 2016 - Thee Cologist - Korea's disgusting dog-eating 'festival' must end - With the coming of summer, South Korea's 'Boknal' dog-eating festival is under way, writes Anneka Svenska. Known for the extreme cruelty deliberately inflicted on dogs to improve the taste of their meat, Boknal is a barbaric relic rooted in ignorance and pseudo-medical superstition whose time is well and truly up...READ MORE

image source: Anneka Svenska -

10th June 2016 - One Green Planet - What really happens during China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival? How many dogs are killed? Where do they come from? Is it true dogs are tortured first? Our Cat and Dog Welfare team in China provides the answers...READ MORE

9th July 2016 - London #STOPBOKNAL Anti Korean Dog Meat Protest and March July 8th 2016 - Activists and celebrities joined together in a large march and protest on Friday the 8th of July against the Korean summer season of dog eating called ‘Boknal’. Wildlife presenters Nigel Marven and Anneka Svenska, Dominic Dyer CEO of the Badger Trust, Duke Ingram of Besureis, K9 Angels, as well as many other charities and activists lent their impassioned voices to this demo which followed on from the Yulin demonstration outside the Chinese embassy two weeks prior. Well over 100 protesters stood in solidarity for dogs worldwide outside the doors of the Korean Embassy, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s corgis...READ MORE

July 2016 - K-9 Angels march and protest against Boknal’s horrendous dog eating days with fellow celebrities and activists - It’s hard to believe that now the Yulin dog eating festival is over there’s an even bigger dog eating days about to start in Boknal, South Korea with an estimated 2.5 millions dogs to be killed in the most brutal way imaginable!....READ MORE

7th July 2016 - This Dog And His Friends Were Just Rescued From Being Made Into Soup - Just a few months ago, these dogs were looking death in the face.They were living on a chicken farm in Ilsan, South Korea, chained to poles and surrounded by filth. They had no clean water, and the ground was littered with chicken feathers and body parts...READ MORE

7th July 2016 - Marc Ching – Yulin’s reluctant Hero - Marc Ching is a broken man. He’s seen, heard, smelled and witnessed things no sentient being ever should. He’s seen live dogs skinned, boiled, hanged and have their legs cut off. He’s smelled the sickening odor of warm blood pouring from the suffering and heard the horrific cries that come from unimaginable pain. Worst, he’s witnessed the pure evil of truly sadistic humans and it has broken his gentle soul. As he speaks of his travels to Asia documenting the horror of the dog meat trade he trembles, his voice cracks and stops and his eyes tear up. As I sat beside him listening I felt my heart break and an ocean of tears building up behind my closed eyes...READ MORE

6th July 2016 - Meet the guy shutting down slaughterhouses at Yulin's dog meat festival - Every June for the past seven years, a city in Southern China celebrates the long Summer days of the Solstice with a festival like no other: the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival...READ MORE

5th July 2016 - Wayne Hsiung - The Dog I Took a Beating For - I’m outside a dog meat slaughterhouse in Yulin, China, surrounded by an angry mob of more than 100. They’re screaming and shoving me. The ones who have smart phones are shooting the scene. The ones that don’t are shooting with their mouths — profanities, insults, and an occasional wad of spit....READ MORE

4th July 2016 - Daveys Voice - A glimmer of hope - Deborah Hall, a Davey’s Voice Board Member, bravely ventured to Yulin on
a mission to rescue dogs who would otherwise end up as meat for the festival, aiding other activists such as Marc Ching of The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation...READ MORE

29th June 2016 - Dog World - Yulin dog-meat eating festival goes ahead despite growing opposition - CHINA’s annual dog-meat eating festival has been taking place this week amid widespread domestic and international opposition. About 10,000 dogs and cats are expected to be killed and eaten during the controversial ten-day event. Activists say the festival is cruel, and this year a petition calling for it to be banned collected 11 million signatures. The local government says the festival does not have official backing but is staged by private businesses...READ MORE

27th June 2016 - Animal Asia - 10 lessons we must all learn from 2016’s Yulin dog meat festival -Ending the festival won’t end dog meat eating, but ending dog meat eating will end the festival In recent years the festival has shrunk from an estimated slaughtered 10,000 dogs to around a thousand. Pressure continues to keep reducing this number, but even one slaughtered dog is too many. For all the extra pressure this year, it’s debatable how many lives were saved...... READ MORE

25th June 2016 - Express - WATCH: 'Chefs' burn dogs to death with BLOW TORCHES for Indonesian delicacy - BRITISH tourists travelling to a remote Indonesian town have been sickened by the sight of live dogs being burned to death with blow torches in practises even more horrifying than the infamous Yulin Dog Meat festival in China...READ MORE

22nd June - 2016 NetShark - Business is Just Terrible This Year at China’s Dog Meat Festival - The annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which celebrates the consumption of dog meat in areas of China, saw a decrease in sales from last year. The 10 day festival started yesterday with vendors and restaurants offering various types of dog meat to customers - Domestic and international pressure, however, has had an effect on business. A handful of festival goers have given up dog meat due to “moral pressure” from society. One butcher at the Yulin festival commented on this year’s event. He told Xinhua...READ MORE

21st June 2016 - Chinese pet owners start to put a leash on dog meat traders As the government balks at stopping the trade in dog meat, pet lovers are taking things into their own hands. A notorious dog meat festival opens June 21...READ MORE

21st June 2016 - National Geographic - Dog Meat Festival Opens Amid Outrage - Although dogs have been eaten in parts of East Asia for hundreds—and possibly thousands—of years, a relatively new festival in Yulin, China, has sparked global controversy and polarized many Chinese, over both the treatment of the animals and the practice of eating them. .... READ MORE

PHOTOGRAPH BY ANDY WONG, ASSOCIATED PRESS - These dogs are for sale at the Yulin dog meat festival in southern China this week.

20th June 2016 - HSI - As Yulin dog meat festival starts, poll shows overwhelming Chinese opposition to dog-meat-eating spectacle - With a gruesome dog-killing spectacle about to play out in Yulin, China, in just hours, a new poll of Chinese citizens shows no appetite for the spectacle or the idea of dog eating at all. That poll, commissioned by Humane Society International and the group Avaaz, found that as many as 64 percent of people in the world’s biggest nation agree that the Yulin festival, designed as a blend of commerce and celebration, should end, and 62 percent think it damages China’s reputation. Nearly 52 percent want a complete ban to the dog meat trade, and nearly 70 percent have never eaten dog meat..... READ MORE

18th June 2015 - No defence for a pseudo Chinese custom like dog eating - Peter Li says the practice is not rooted in Chinese history and its defenders – seen by some now as protecting a rural lifestyle – ought to move with the times, or risk becoming a laughing stock.... READ MORE

16th June 2016 - -HSI - Poll: Majority of Chinese public wants Yulin dog meat festival shut down - Just days ahead of China’s annual Yulin dog meat festival on June 21, a new poll has found that most Chinese citizens want to see an end to the festival, saying it blackens China’s image.

The poll was conducted by Chinese polling company Horizon, who frequently commission government-sponsored surveys, and was commissioned by Chinese group China Animal Welfare Association in collaboration with Humane Society International and Avaaz. Horizon found that among polled respondents:64 percent support the end of the Yulin festival
51.7 percent say the dog meat trade should be completely banned
62 percent think Yulin damages China’s reputation
69.5 percent have never eaten dog meat

Qin Xiaona, director of the Capital Animal Welfare Association, said: “The vibrant campaign to end the Yulin dog meat festival is rooted in Chinese opposition to the event, supported by people from around the world who agree that this cruel trade must not be tolerated. It is embarrassing to us that the world wrongly believes that the brutally cruel Yulin festival is part of Chinese culture. It isn’t and as we see in this poll, most people here don’t eat dogs and believe that the festival damages China’s global reputation.”

The poll comes just months after an unprecedented eight million Chinese people voted online in support of a legislative proposal to ban the dog meat trade in China by the National People’s Congress Deputy Zheng Xiaohe. And last week, petitions signed by more than 11 million people around the world were submitted to policy makers in Beijing, demonstrating that people globally join their call to end the trade.....READ MORE

15th June 2016 - Time - Millions of Chinese Are Calling for an End to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival - Huge numbers have signed a petition against the event, but traders who make large profits from dog meat show no intention of giving up the business .... READ MORE

15th June 2016 - HSI - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - Dogs, cats rescued from Yulin – as fight to end the spectacle gathers momentum - This week, Humane Society International’s Peter Li, working with Chinese activists, helped save 29 dogs and five cats from the butcher’s block in Yulin, China, where preparations are on for an annual dog meat festival that begins June 21..... READ MORE

10th June 2016 - BBC NEWS - China dog meat row: Millions back petition against Yulin festival - Animal rights campaigners in China have handed in a petition with 11 million signatures calling for an end to an annual dog-eating festival in the south-west of the country...... READ MORE

image source: AFP - Activists with pet dogs handed in a petition against the Yulin festival in Beijing on Friday

9th June 2016 The New York Times - China’s Dog Meat Festival Is Again at Hand, and Opponents Are Lining Up BEIJING - Two weeks before the annual dog meat festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin, an international coalition of animal welfare advocates is stepping up pressure on the Chinese government to shut it down. A petition with more than 11 million signatures was presented to the Chinese Embassy in London on Tuesday, according to Humane Society International, one of the organizations behind the campaign. ..... READ MORE

8th June 2016 International Business Times - Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2016: China Summer Solstice Event Is Still Happening Despite Fierce Global Outcry - n the face of continuing inaction from officials in southern China, activists and animal welfare groups around the world are still struggling to put an end to a summer solstice celebration that is said to result in the slaughter of thousands of dogs every year. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival, in Guangxi province, has been the focus of an intense international awareness campaign for a number of years, with activists hoping to pressure Chinese officials to put a stop to it, but the annual event is reportedly still taking place later this month..... READ MORE

8th June 2016 Courier - Star Wars' Carrie Fisher joins ​Penshurst TV presenter at dog protest - Star Wars actress 'Princess Leia' Carrie Fisher joined animal loving celebrities and MPs yesterday to present a petition calling for better treatment of dogs in China. Created by Humane Society International and containing almost 12 million signatures, it was presented to The Chinese Embassy in London, requesting an end to the gruesome annual Yulin dog & cat eating festival in China..... READ MORE

image source: Anneka Svenska -

27th May 2016 - Dog World - Dog-meat festival must be stopped, say celebrities - AN INCREASING number of celebrities are lending their names to a campaign to put an end to China’s Yulin dog meat festival. The annual event, at which in the order of 10,000 dogs are killed inhumanely – sometimes skinned alive – for human consumption is now only less than three weeks away, and Humane Society International’s (HSI) bid to stop it has most recently attracted comedian Ricky Gervais, naturalist Chris Packham, Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson and actors Brian Blessed and Jenny Seagrove......READ MORE

26th May 2016 - Huffington Post - You Can End Barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Update 2016 - Chinese activists rescue 200 dogs from the exceptionally-brutal Asian dog meat trade weeks before the 2016 Yulin Dog Meat Festival. They stayed three days until the dogs were negotiated for release, though sadly 20 dogs were already found dead inside.....READ MORE

25th May 2016 - HSI - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - Dog butchering raising howls in Congress and throughout the world - Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, D-Fla., introduced a congressional resolution today condemning China’s dog meat trade and the festival in Yulin, China, where thousands of dogs and cats are slaughtered each year. The resolution, which has 27 original cosponsors, doesn’t have the force of law, but it’s an opportunity for the United States to urge the government of China and Yulin authorities to protect against pet dogs being stolen and sold into the meat trade. It calls for a ban on the killing and eating of dogs and urges China to enact an anti-animal cruelty law banning the dog meat trade. It also calls for tougher enforcement of a 2011 agriculture ministry resolution that requires “one certificate for one dog” on board trucks transporting dogs that cross provincial boundaries, and of China’s food safety laws that would preclude this trade if properly enforced.....READ MORE

20th May 2016 - Anneka's Green World - TV Presenter, Canid Expert & Conservationist Anneka Svenska, joins Humane Society International’s #STOPYULIN Campaign....One of the worst nightmares for me is the Yulin dog and cat eating festival which takes place in China every year – dogs and cats are stolen off the street – some still wearing their collars and address tags, crushed into cages and shipped hundreds of miles to Yulin where they are auctioned off and then brutally slaughtered for meat....READ MORE

image source: Anneka Svenska -

19th May 2016 - LA Weekly - Marc Ching Goes Undercover to Rescue Hundreds of Dogs From Asian Slaughterhouses - It's 4 a.m. in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Marc Ching has put his cash and passport in his hotel safe — in case things go south on this morning's mission. It's typical for him to clock only a few hours of sleep over the course of a week on one of these trips. "Every day I'm saturated with blood," he says....READ MORE

18th May 2016 - HSI - Confronting Dog Meat Horrors and Other Cruelties on the International Stage - Today’s New York Times reports on Humane Society International’s major campaign to end the dog meat trade in South Korea, the only nation that eats dog meat and raises dogs on farms for the plate. There, in the run-up to the 2018 Winter Olympics, we’ve been converting dog farmers to humane alternatives, we’ve been rescuing dogs and bringing them back to the United States for an extraordinary second chance, and we’re ratcheting up public awareness everywhere to phase out this appalling industry.....READ MORE

3rd May 2016 - One Green Planet - These Photos of the Yulin Meat Festival Will Inspire You To Stand With Ricky Gervais and #StopYulin - This June, China will hold its annual Yulin Meat Festival. Despite outrage from many citizens and the international community – including about four million people from around the world who signed an online petition – the festival is slated to happen on June 21. With an estimated 300 dogs killed every day in preparation for the festival......... READ MORE

28th April 2016 - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - Campaign to Spare Korean Dogs Comes Again to U.S. - This week, 171 dogs raised for the butcher block in Wonju, South Korea, have received a stay of execution and have been flown into the United States. We worked with the farmer in February to permanently shut down his farm and rescue all 250 dogs on the property. So they’ve left their cages and squalor, and have now found their way to the United States. Here, they’ll go to shelters and rescues that are part of the HSUS Emergency Placement Partner program, and will be placed for adoption. A sharper turnaround in their fortunes would be hard to find......READ MORE

8th April 2016 - HSI - Investigation Throws Back Curtain on Yulin Dog Meat Festival - It was a horrible sight to witness, says Peter Li, China Specialist for Humane Society International. In the infamous slaughterhouses of Yulin, China, groups of dogs huddled in cages, trembling, silent, hyper-alert to their awaited fate. The dogs had been dropped off by trucks coming in from across China, and had been without food and water for days. Some were obviously stolen, still with their collars on, and many had sunken eyes and other signs of illness. From their cages, they could see other dogs being bludgeoned and disemboweled, and hear their cries......READ MORE

2nd April 2016 -The Dodo - In his four trips to Asia, Marc Ching has almost died three times. He's been beaten, robbed, shot at and held at machete blade. ......READ MORE

image source: Marc Ching - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation (LEFT Sorrow just moments after his rescue)

16th March 2016 - Dog World - Eight million vote to ban Chinese dog meat trade - IN ONE of the strongest showings in China against the dog and cat meat trade, more than eight million citizens have voted to ban the industry. This is the highest number of votes for any proposal made open to the public on the Chinese government’s official website......READ MORE

3rd March 2016 - South Korea’s longest-running DOG MEAT restaurant closes after 33 years - as customers snub eating their pets - It’s been frequented by two former presidents, and now South Korea’s longest-running dog meat restaurant is set to close. Tourists and locals have eaten at Daegyo – which serves boshintang or dog stew, for 33 years. But, chef and restaurant owner Oh Keum-il will serve her last bowl on Friday......READ MORE

24th February 2016 - One Green Planet - Will South Korea End its Dog Meat Trade in Time for the Winter Olympics? - South Korea is the only country in the world known to commercially farm dogs to supply the nation’s demand for dog meat and associated products. Thousands of farms are located throughout the peninsula, ranging in size from small, backyard enterprises to huge farms housing thousands of dogs. The animals are bred during the winter months and are transported to dog meat restaurants, markets and slaughterhouses in the summertime when the consumption of dog meat is most popular.....READ MORE

image source: Lola Webber/Change For Animals Foundation

24th February 2016 - DOG MEAT TRADE MARC CHING.....A BRAVE RESCUER ON A MISSION OF COMPASSION - under animal abuse, animal activism, animal cruelty, animal rescue, animal welfare, dog and cat meat trade, dog meat trade, dog rescue, Yulin dog meat festival
“You cannot tell a country who does not have the same value system as we do to love dogs. The only way is to plant a seed. And to let dogs themselves soften their hearts. In time I am certain you will no longer have a society that eats them. That no longer bashes in their skulls because their lives will now hold meaning.” – Marc Ching..... READ MORE

23rd February 2016 - Wayne Pacelle's Blog - HSI Conducts Biggest Ever Rescue of Dogs From the Meat Trade in South Korea - The worst form of dog abuse in the world – in raw numbers and intensity of suffering – is flourishing in South Korea. In that industrialized nation, there are 17,000 dog meat farms operating mainly in rural enclaves and responsible for a scale of exploitation that far exceeds even the puppy mill industry in the United States.....READ MORE

28th January 2016 - By K9 Magazine - A View from China – What’s a Dog’s Life Worth? China is a country that has a mixture of tradition and modern culture, the fastest growing economy in the world for many years, and a population of 1.4 billion people.Yet, the changing landscape and attitudes which come with supersonic growth have not changed how the country's own animals are treated by and large. In fact, the demand for resources have had a huge negative impact on the environment and the animals, and concerns only grow for the future..... READ MORE

26th January 2016 - Thanh Nien News - Police seize 40 frozen dogs transported to northern Vietnam restaurants - Police in the central province of Quang Binh on Sunday seized 40 dead dogs en route to restaurants in northern Vietnam.
A source from the province’s traffic police said they found the dogs, shaved and frozen in styrofoam boxes, when checking a passenger bus at around 2 a.m.
The 33-year-old driver failed to produce any documents for the dogs, weighing 350 kilograms in total.
He said he was delivering the dogs to restaurants in northern Vietnam. The dogs are likely to be disposed of as undocumented goods.
Vietnam is believed to be the second biggest dog meat consumer in the world, with an estimated five million dogs killed and eaten every year. The figure in China is around 20 million. The dog meat trade has been the target of strong international criticism as most of the dogs are pets stolen from families and usually tortured and killed in painful ways. Usually only dog thieves are punished, with a fine. They will only face criminal charges if the stolen dog’s value is more than VND2 million, around US$100.

22nd January 2016 - Dog cruelty: Rise in slaughter of stolen pets as Western tourists fuel South-East Asia dog meat trade - Western tourists are helping to keep the black market dog meat trade alive in South-East Asia, with dogs that are often stolen pets crammed in tiny cages, strung up and boiled alive, according to animal rights activists. Dog is traditionally eaten by many in Vietnam, China and South Korea but animal rights groups say it is cruel, dangerous and spreads disease. Kelly O'Meara from the Humane Society International said once captured, the conditions the dogs face were "horrific".....READ MORE

13th January 2016 - Thanh Nien News - 1 ton of dogs, cats seized before reaching northern Vietnam restaurants - Police check boxes of dead dogs and cats seized in a car January 12, 2016. Photo: Quynh An/ZingPolice check boxes of dead dogs and cats seized in a car January 12, 2016. Photo: Quynh An/Zing
Authorities in central Vietnam on Tuesday seized a bus carrying more than one ton of dead dogs and cats and animal innards, allegedly to restaurants in the north.Police in Thanh Hoa Province stopped the car at 3 a.m. and found ten boxes with a very strong, unpleasant smell. Each box carried five or six dogs and cats. Driver Ho Van Lan, 28, said he was paid to drive the boxes from Da Nang to restaurants in Thai Binh Province, southeast of Hanoi.

1 ton of dogs, cats seized before reaching northern Vietnam restaurants

Police check boxes of dead dogs and cats seized in a car January 12, 2016. Photo: Quynh An/Zing

9th January 2015 - HSI - The Snowball Effect: HSI Rescuers Take 23 Dogs Off the Menu in South Korea - The 23 survivors of the Korean dog meat trade arrived in the United States on a cold January day amidst bone-chilling temperatures and a bracing snowstorm, but theirs is a truly heartwarming story. For Snowball and the other dogs, the new year ushers in a new life, in a new country, with new and hopeful prospects as beloved companions. They will not be someone’s dinner. They are the beneficiaries of the first dog rescue operation of its kind. And they owe their journey to freedom and forever homes to a Humane Society International rescue team, its strong global partnerships, and a Korean farmer’s change of heart..... READ MORE


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