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29/12/2017 Inside brutal dog meat industry where strays are beaten to death with hammers and served in £1.65 curries... These shocking images lift the lid on Indonesia's dog meat industry – where stray pooches are beaten to death with hammers and served in curries for just £1.65. Photographer Eko Siswono Toyudho took the graphic pictures after gaining access to a dog slaughterhouse in Jakarta through a friend who runs a dog meat restaurant.....READ FULL STORY

27/12/2017 Dog meat farmer quits ‘doomed’ business as South Korea embraces canines as pets instead food... Barking at their rescuers, labradors, beagles and mongrels desperately scrambled out of rusty cages in South Korea: saved from dinner bowls by a deal with dog meat farmer Kim Young-hwan....READ FULL STORY

25/12/2017 Dog meat farmer quits ‘doomed’ business as South Korea embraces canines as pets instead food... Watch Simon Cowell and Pete Wicks speak out against the dog meat trade. There is hope that working together we can end the dog meat trade forever. Please sign HSI's petition to end the dog meat trade

20/12/2017 Online Retailer Bans Sale of Dog and Cat Meat Thanks to Public Pressure... ..Speaking out against animal cruelty works! Chinese online shopping platform, Pin Duo Duo recently announced that they have BANNED the sale of dog and cat meat on their site, as well as the sale of shark fin and bear bile. Pin Duo Duo made the compassionate decision after customers posted screenshots showing the illegal sale of dog and cat meat on the site and threatened to boycott the online retailer. The activists pointed to research released in 2015 by animal welfare organization Animals Asia to support their action. The investigation revealed the scale of illegality in the dog meat trade, showing that many dogs are poisoned when stolen from their homes or snatched from the streets, and therefore the dogs have no proof of origin or vaccination histories, which required by law and raises health concerns. The investigation also found that every stage of the industry supply chain features illegality in order to boost profits, which suggests that if laws were upheld, the industry would be unable to continue at its current scale...READ FULL STORY

21/12/2017 Humane Society International UK.....This is a child’s shoe, in the shape of a rabbit. What buyers weren't told is that the pompom "tail" is actaully made from real rabbit fur, it was sold as faux. Many Amazon sellers have been selling real animal fur to unknowing customers labelled as faux.Please tell Amazon to put a stop to this by signing here:…See below just a few of the real fur items we found for sale on Amazon labelled as faux. The fur is from a range of animals - fox, rabbit and chinchilla 

Image Source: Humane Society International UK

15th December 2017 Fashion brands Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo to stop using fur... It is the latest in a series of announcements by major fashion brands who are moving away from using animal fur.Global fashion brand Michael Kors, which also owns Jimmy Choo, says it is to end its use of fur. The luxury fashion group will phase out production of fur by the end of 2018 in a company-wide policy, and the two brands have joined the international Fur Free Retailer Programme. Animal rights group Humane Society International has welcomed the move. It is the latest in a series of announcements by major fashion brands that are moving away from using animal fur and creating fashionable clothing with other materials. Designer Michael Kors said: "Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur. We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February."....READ FULL STORY

13th December 2017 50 dogs removed from South Korea meat farm recovering in Canada... Humane Society International Canada says this is the 10th dog meat facility closed in South Korea since 2014.After the humane society shut down a dog meat farm in South Korea, about 50 of the 170 canines were brought to Canada, where they will eventually be placed in homes. The dogs, many of them malnourished and ill or injured, received veterinarian care and convalesced at a temporary shelter in Cambridge, Ont., and are now going to animal shelters in other parts of Ontario and Quebec, where they will be available for adoption. ...READ FULL STORY

13th December 2017 Poisoned syringes fired at pet dogs for China meat trade By AFP Pub......Poisoned syringes that could be fired at dogs on the street to kill them instantly were sold by a gang in China, allowing pets to be snatched and sold for the dinner table, state media said. Police in the eastern province of Anhui arrested eight gang members, alleging they sold 200,000 of the syringes throughout China filled with a large dose of the muscle relaxant suxamethonium. The buyers were mainly dog vendors who collect and sell dogs to restaurants for meat, the Xinhua news agency said, citing police who warned that people who ate the meat were also in danger of being poisoned...READ FULL STORY

4th December 2017 Humane Society urges end to dog meat trade ahead of PyeongChang Olympics.......When British Ambassador Charles Hay’s two daughters saw a freshly rescued black puppy in March last year, the envoy couldn’t say no to adopting the dog later to be named “Caspian.”
Caspian was among 55 canines salvaged from a dog meat farm in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, in January 2016 by the Humane Society International, an organization dedicated to animal well-being.....READ FULL STORY

4th December 2017 British Greyhounds Exported to China, Turned to Meat.....British and Irish greyhound trainers are cashing in on old racing dogs by exporting them to China, where they face being boiled alive for their meat. These are the claims of campaigner Kerry Elliman, who has rescued over 758 racing dogs at her two centres—one in Birmingham, the other in Beijing. Other campaign organisations have made similar findings.....READ FULL STORY

24th November 2017 Selebriti Ramai-ramai Serukan Setop Konsumsi Daging Anjing.....“Dog Are Not Food.” Begitu bunyi tulisan putih dan merah pada bendera hitam tersablon yang selalu terikat di stand mic, tepat di hadapan Oddysey Sanco alias Bandizt. Pada setiap penampilan di panggung, pembetot bass grub musik Ska Shaggydog asal Yogyakarta itu, selalu mengajak penggemar ikut menghentikan konsumsi dan perdagangan daging anjing. Di rumah pun, pria ini selalu menghabiskan waktu dengan merawat anjing dan kucing, serta bertani organik. “Aku benci siapapun yang menelantarkan satwa dan merusak alam. Apalagi pedagang dan pengkonsumsi daging anjing,” katanya, awal November lalu....READ FULL STORY

20th July 2017 Not every man’s best friend in Vietnam... The dog-meat trade in Vietnam is sparking an increasingly heated debate, both among Vietnamese and in a wider international community. While the consumption of dog meat doesn’t necessarily denote cruelty to animals, high and rising demand is driving a lucrative but largely unregulated meat market across the country. Roughly 5 million dogs are slaughtered for human consumption each year in Vietnam, according to the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA). In the absence of any animal-rights laws to protect them, traders are free to prioritize profit over humanity – and many do......READ FULL STORY

Image Source: Humane Society International UKDogs in overcrowded cages are moved to market in Vietnam. Photo: Soi Dog Foundation

22nd November 2017 The Uncomfortable Truth Behind Medan's Dog Meat Trade ... It's pretty easy to find dog meat for sale in the Indonesian city of Medan. Just walk down Jalan Jamin Ginting and listen for the sound of dogs barking. The street is known for the sale of dog meat, colloquially known as "B-1"—a term that stems from "biang," the Batak word for dog. I chose Warung Jhon, a small wooden restaurant with an open kitchen and a pungent smell of smoke and what I could only imagine was grilled dog meat......READ FULL STORY

Image Source: THE VICE

2nd November 2017 Tied and bound, a puppy watches as other animals are beheaded in front of it in horrific footage of Indonesia's dog meat trade... which is feared to be spreading RABIES to humans ... These horrifying images show the cruel truth of the dog meat trade in Indonesia, where around one million pets are slaughtered for food each year. Footage shows how pet dogs are snatched from homes, tied up, stuffed in plastic sacks and shoved into tiny cages. They are then transported to slaughter houses where they are brutally killed and beheaded in front of each other. While only a minority of Indonesians eat dog meat, there has been an increase in popularity, which in addition to outrage over animal cruelty, has authorities worried about the spreading of rabies. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook.....READ FULL STORY

Image Source: Dog Meat Free Indonesia

July 2017 Dogs are tied up to be sold for meat in India ... These shocking images show terrified dogs tied up in sacks and thrown on the back of cars as they are sold at a local market for meat in north-eastern India. Killing dogs for meat and eating dogs is illegal in India, but the practice continues in some rural states in the north east, local activists report. The dogs in these photos are some of the 30,000 canines slaughtered for food each year in these areas, where many believe that dog meat has medicinal value....READ FULL STORY


6th Ocotber 2017 Lisa Vanderpump looks glamorous at the premiere of her animal cruelty documentary The Road To Yulin... as she puts on a brave face after losing two dogs in just nine days......Lisa Vanderpump modeled a black and hot pink pantsuit at the world premiere of her documentary The Road To Yulin. The 57-year-old reality star's new film is part of her years-long campaign against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, for which canines are slaughtered and eaten. Held at Regal LA Live, the premiere played host to such famous names as Lisa's fellow Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook....READ FULL STORY

22nd September 2017 SAVED FROM THE POT Dozens of pet dogs snatched from their heartbroken owners are saved from being boiled alive and EATEN... THIS is the heartwarming moment 26 stray dogs facing being boiled alive and eaten were rescued in northeast India. The dogs were saved after officers stopped a small car on a highway near Jowai in Meghalaya, as they were being transported - cruelly tied up and with their mouths taped shut.....READ FULL STORY

Image Source: The Sun

22nd September 2017 12 iron cages containing 72 meat dogs ... At 1:30 pm on 9/19/17, while patrolling in Diễn Hồng locality (Vietnam), Diễn Hồng Traffic Police station discovered a passenger car with the plate # BBS 17B - 01199, driven by Nguyễn Kim Cương born in 1974, staying in Thai Binh. He was chartering 12 iron cages containing 72 meat dogs, weighing 720kg. The driver claim to have been chartering the dogs from Dak Lak province to Thai Binh province. All of the above dogs have no quarantine documents, no origin, and some had already died. Right after the discovery, Diễn Hồng Traffic Police Station handed the case over to the District Veterinary Station to take over in accordance with the law......READ FULL STORY

21st September 2017 26 dogs saved!!! WSAVA speaks out against dog and cat meat trade... The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has strongly expressed its opposition to the dog and cat meat trade in a new position statement. Prepared by members of its Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee (AWWC), the Position Statement recognises cultural variance on this issue but voices strong concerns about the welfare of dogs and cats at all stages of the meat trade. It also highlights mounting qualitative and quantitative evidence documenting the public health risks the trade poses in terms of compromising regional rabies control efforts and increasing the risk of disease transmission. The statement concludes by calling for the rigorous enforcement of existing laws, and supports new controls and regulations where current legislation does not exist, aimed at banning what is typically an inhumane and dangerous practice.....READ FULL STORY

15th September 2017 MAN CAUGHT IN CITY SELLING SAMOSAS MADE FROM CAT MEAT IDENTIFIED... Eastleigh Nairobi Kenya. A Man caught in city selling samosas made from cat meat is identified. A man identified as Richard Muriithi Karuai was arrested in Eastleigh with a skinned cat/cat meat and taken to city hall courts. He is currently detained at the central police station, according to OCPD Robinson Thuku. It is not clear how many have fallen victim to his con......READ FULL STORY

15th September 2017 ... GUWAHATI, Sept 20: Nagaland has always been in the spotlight for dog meat trading as there it is considered to be a delicacy. But this time around, Mizoram has also come into focus. Many whistleblowers and activists who love and care animals, including the one that epitomizes selfless love and endless faith, have been raising concerns and alarmed about this. Something of this sort happened in Shillong on Monday when animal rights activists from Guwahati, Shillong and Jowai, along with the police, came together to expose a racket involved in dog meat trade. The operation was headed by sub-inspector Kiran Lyngdoh and N Lamare from Khliehriat police station. A taxi carrying three dogs that were tied up in bags was spotted at Jowai. The dogs are suspected to originate from East Jaintia Hills and were being carried to Aizawl. The dogs were allegedly being smuggled to be sold for meat. .....READ FULL STORY

11th September 2017 ... GThe Taiwan Legislative Yuan has passed the amendment of its “Animal Protection Law” this year in April, bringing more severe punishment for dog and cat abuse, the consumption of cat and dogs are also illegal, with a sentence of not more than 5 years.South Korea's Central Agriculture Department visited Taiwan this week and asked Taiwan officials, “How did you ban dog meat consumption? Were there any major resistances from the citizens?”We are glad to see after closing the biggest dog meat market in Seongnam – Moran Market, South Korea is also exploring directions for banning dog meat consumption with Taiwan. We hope Asian countries can follow the model example of Taiwan’s amendment of its “Animal Protection Law”, and work towards the goal of “explicit legislation banning dog meat consumption” .....READ FULL STORY

20th July 2017 Dublin man admits to breeding and exporting pugs for meat trade ... A Dublin man has unabashedly admitted to breeding and selling pugs for the Asian meat trade.The man, known only as Gerry, shamelessly spoke about his 'business' on the Adrian Kennedy show on 98FM during a discussion about the cruelty of greyhound racing.....READ FULL STORY

19th June 2017 Evidence shows dogs in Bali are being brutally killed and the meat sold to unsuspecting tourists....Australian tourists are unwittingly eating dog meat in Bali. "Dog meat is essentially filtering into the tourist food chain [in Bali]," Ms White said. "They're just sitting down ordering satay having no idea that they're eating dog." Terrified dogs caught, muzzled and put into bags. Over four months, an undercover investigator for Animals Australia infiltrated the dog trade in Bali. It is dark inside. The dogs are lying in their own urine and faeces. They whimper and strain to breathe through the tape that binds their mouths shut.
Shortly, he will bludgeon them to death with a metal pole....READ FULL STORY 

6th June 2017 - Man’s Best Friend or Dinner? - A number of years ago, along with fellow guides from Sobek Expeditions, I made the first descent of The Great Bend of the Yangtze River in Yunnan Province (described in the book Riding the Dragon’s Back, by Christian Kallen and this author). It is a desperately remote section, and somewhere in the middle of the passage we ran out of fresh food and meat. So, we pulled our rafts to shore at a Bai Village and went looking for nourishment. The villagers, not used to seeing foreigners, were a bit fuddled by our appearance, and our request, but they were gracious and offered us a generous supply of fresh dog meat. We declined, and eventually negotiated for a pig and several dozen eggs. I dismissed the dog offering as something unique to this back-of-beyond ethnic group, and really didn’t think about it again, though offering my own dogs extra hugs with my return to California.....READ MORE

30th May 2017 - Yulin at a Crossroads: Time to End Dog Massacre - China has more than 600 medium-sized cities. Yulin is arguably the most well-known globally. Its worldwide name recognition is the result of a notorious event held every year since 2010, when the local dog meat traders, supported by the local authorities, launched a “dog meat festival.” Making mass dog slaughter a “festival” and promoting it as a “tradition” are distasteful to say the least. The government’s support for it broke the tolerance of the Chinese public. Yulin has since become synonymous with insensitivity, backwardness and inhumanity.The impact of this scandalous act has not been entirely negative. Worldwide condemnation has helped awaken the local authorities to the fact that, when dogs are killed, people around the world suffer with them. In 2014, the Yulin authorities decided to distance themselves from the “festival.” In mid-May of this year, the authorities notified the vendors to stop sale of dog meat during the “festival.” Both decisions suggest that the Yulin authorities were aware that celebrating mass dog slaughter has been a public relations disaster. Yet, the local government could have done more.......READ MORE

Image source: WeChat

30th May 2017 - Chris DeRose from Last Chance for Animals interview with Korea Daily - PAGE ONE / PAGE TWO / PAGE THREE -

30th May 2017 - The Sun - Cruel Chinese slaughterhouse demands £170 per dog from animal activists desperate to save them … and KILLS the pets in front of them if they can’t pay - Sickening footage shows a dozen pooches lined up next to dog meat, knives and animal blood - waiting to be killed. A SLAUGHTERHOUSE has been filmed demanding money from animal activists to save the lives of a dozen dogs in China. Sickening footage shows pooches including huskies, Labradors and golden retrievers tied up waiting to be killed at a butchery in Harbin, Heilongjiang province....READ MORE

15th May 2017 - South Korea’s newly elected President – Moon Jae-in – will become South Korea’s first leader to adopt a stray dog while in office! - South Korea’s newly elected President – Moon Jae-in – will become South Korea’s first leader to adopt a stray dog while in office! However, he struggled to find a new family because of its “less appealing” characteristics like his black fur and being a crossbreed. President Moon came across the story during the election campaign, and promised earlier this month to adopt Tori as the First Dog if he was elected.”
President Moon Jae-in stressed that, “both humans and animals have the right to be free from prejudice and discrimination.”....READ MORE

5th May 2017 - New rules to regulate dog breeders, cattle markets to check animal cruelty - The government Thursday introduced rules to regulate dog breeders, aquarium owners, and livestock markets by bringing them under the ambit of a law to check cruelty to animals. The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) issued a series of notifications under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Under the new rules, it will be mandatory for all dog breeders and aquarium owners and their establishments to register themselves with the state Animal Welfare Board of the respective states. The rules also define the requirements to be met by the breeders and the establishments used for breeding, such as those related to health, housing facilities and conditions for sale......READ MORE

5th May 2017 - Cops in Assam district rescue 75 dogs bound for Nagaland - While the 23 carcasses were sent for cremation, the surviving dogs were put through a proper medical examination carried out by its vets  - Guwahati, May 5 (Indian Express)- The police in central Assam’s Samaguri town on Thursday night seized a Tatamobile vehicle and rescued 75 dogs of various breeds which were being illegally taken to Dimapur in Nagaland to end up in kitchens and restaurants in the hill state. Four persons who were taking the dogs were also arrested.

A dog-catcher in Assam gets Rs 50 per catch, while dog meat sells between Rs 400 and Rs 500 per kg in Nagaland.(Express Photo)

“While we intercepted the vehicle during routine checking at around 9 pm on Thursday, we discovered as many as 75 dogs of various breeds dumped in the vehicle. On further inquiry, four men traveling in the vehicle admitted that they were transporting the dogs to Dimapur where they would hand them over to a wholesale dealer,” Samaguri police station officer in-charge Rajib Barman said over the telephone. As the vehicle along with the dogs were taken to the police station located on NH715, Samaguri OC Barman also called up the People for Animals office in Guwahati, which immediately dispatched a truck with six volunteers to shift the dogs to its shelter home here. The four persons arrested have been identified as Raju Sangma, Lucas Sangma, Sanil Sangma and Parwin Sangma, all hailing from Amsoi in Morigaon district in central Assam.

“Of the 75 dogs, 23 had already died, most probably due to suffocation, as the poor animals were packed in sacks and their mouth tied so that they could neither move nor bark. Many of the dogs had belts around their neck, indicating that they were not stray dogs but were pets with different families,” Sangeeta Goswami, who heads the People for Animals (PFA) branch in Guwahati said. “At least one is a Spitz and another a cross of Labrador and a local breed,” she said, wondering how these dogs had fallen prey to the criminals. “We suspect there is a big racket operating across Assam which pays local boys for collecting dogs in whatever manner they can, and then dispatch them to Nagaland,” Goswami said....READ MORE

23rd May 2017 - ANIMAL ASIA - Yulin festival: what we know, what we hear and what we fear - With rumours circulating of a ban at this year’s Yulin dog meat festival, we look at the issues a potential ban raises. Reports have suggested that dog meat restaurants in Yulin will be banned from selling dog meat in the week preceding the annual festival. Here’s all the information we have: Until it’s officially banned – it’s going ahead: While respected sources have staked reputations on the ban – until it’s officially confirmed we can’t be sure what to expect. It’s being said that there are good reasons why there is no statement at present – the authorities don’t want it leaked. However, even if true, without it written in black and white, it allows authorities to backtrack at a later date. While we’ve also heard the ban outlined by our own contacts – we still can’t rule out the possibility of rumours or disinformation at this point....READ MORE

ANIMAL ASIA- Yulin festival: what we know, what we hear and what we fear

Image source: ANIMAL ASIA

9th April 2017 - Growing appetite for dog meat in Indonesia - In the steamy kitchen of a restaurant in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, chef Michael Kenzo slowly stirs a big pan of dark coloured meat mixed with chilli and spices, sweat streaming down his face. "This is dog meat," he volunteers, without being asked. "Every day we cook about 20 kilograms of it." The dish is called rica-rica, a delicacy originating from Minahasa in North Sulawesi, an Indonesian province which is famous for exotic cuisine that includes animals such as bat, monkey and snake. Reliable data on the dog meat trade in Indonesia are scarce, making it hard to establish consumption trends, experts say. But some animal rights activists and restaurant owners say there is a growing appetite for dog meat among members of ethnic groups who do not traditionally eat dog meat......READ MORE

28th Feb 2017 - Merchants start tearing down South Korea’s largest dog meat market - Seongnam City government planning renovation of the market and to provide assistance to merchants The city of Seongnam in Gyeonggi Province and some merchants at Moran Market in Seongnam, South Korea’s largest dog meat market, started tearing down dog kennels and slaughterhouses on Feb. 27. This could mean that Moran Market will no longer be equated with the place where dogs go to die.On the morning of Feb. 27, Kim Yong-bok, chair of an association of merchants in the Moran livestock market, stood in front of his shop in Moran Market and publicly announced that he would initiate voluntary renovations of his facilities. After that, he started tearing down his dog kennels and slaughterhouses. “We were very afraid of losing our livelihood, but through the seven months of deliberation, we were able to build a partnership of mutual trust and reliance with Seongnam. I believe we can find a new way to maintain our livelihood,” Kim said. ......READ MORE

1st Jan 2017 - South Korea closes biggest dog meat market in run-up to Olympics - Animals at market in Seongnam were kept in inhumane conditions and killed using electrocution, hanging and beating. The shutters have started coming down at South Korea’s biggest dog meat market as the country seeks to head off international criticism over its practice of killing dogs for human consumption before it hosts the 2018 Winter Olympics. Moran market in Seongnam sells more than 80,000 dogs, dead or alive, every year and accounts for about a third of South Korea’s dog meat consumption, according to local media. On Monday, officials and traders began removing butchery facilities and cages in which live animals are kept before they are slaughtered. The decision to close the market came after animal welfare campaigners highlighted the inhumane conditions in which the animals were kept and the methods used to kill them: electrocution, hanging and beating. The smell and noise had also prompted complaints from nearby residents. The market’s closure has met with opposition, however. South Korean media reported that a handful of the 22 dog meat sellers who initially agreed to the move last December now oppose it, and are demanding compensation to make up for the loss of business. “Almost 80% of our customers visit our shops to buy fresh dog meat, so what are they going to do if we cannot provide it for them? Is the government going to pay us?” Shin Seung-cheol, a Moran trader, told the Korea Herald.....READ MORE

18th Jan 2017 - Guest Commentary: Should Davis Sever Sister City Relation over Korean Mistreatment of Dogs?....Someone recently asked me what surprised me most about being on the city council. I replied that I was surprised at the wide range of issues that we encounter on a regular basis. In order to be effective, we must remain focused on the big issues.  For me, some of these big issues are paving our roads, maintaining the fiscal sustainability of our town, protecting/improving the downtown, and making sure that development decisions balance the near neighbors’ concerns with needs of the entire community. Having said that, we still get thrown issues that should be dealt with at some level. Gandhi? Coyotes? Historic bathrooms? Our community rightfully expects that we have the bandwidth to pay attention to all sorts of items. Recently, we starting receiving a large number of emails expressing concerns about the treatment of dogs in Korea.  The connection to Davis was made in the emails – “Why does Davis have a sister city relationship with Sangju Korea when the Koreans are mistreating dogs?”....READ MORE

1st Jan 2017 - Lawmakers demand China end annual dog meat festival....Dozens of House lawmakers are again lodging their complaints about an annual Dog Meat Festival in China where thousands of dogs are tortured and killed. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., introduced a resolution along with dozens of Republicans and Democrats and said China needs to end its annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China. He said Monday that the festival and others like it are "abominations" because they "celebrate the torture of dogs and cats.""During Yulin, dogs are burnt, skinned, or boiled alive, have their paws cleaved off while conscious, and are staked to the ground and beaten to death," he said. "No one can see these images and walk away unaffected."....READ MORE



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