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21st June - People, power and positivity: How we built a grassroots movement against dog meat cruelty - Animals Asia mentors or funds 60% of all animal welfare groups in China, because we know working together is the only way to succeed.
An estimated 10 million dogs are slaughtered and eaten in China every year. The majority of these animals will be stolen companions or snatched strays.
This brutality takes place not just in Yulin city for one week of the year, but all year round, all over the country.
The only way to deal with a problem this widespread is to be everywhere all the time – an aim no single organisation can possibly achieve.
The only way to succeed is to nurture China’s fledgling animal welfare groups, empowering them to create the communities they want to live in. Communities free from animal abuse where humans and animals live in harmony.
In 2006, there were just 30 animal welfare organisations in China. Today there are more than 200. A staggering 120 of which are part-funded or mentored by Animals Asia. .Read more here on source


31st May 2018 - The Express - Yulin dog meat festival: Protestors want spirit of THIS Star Wars legend to end slaughter
YULIN festival protesters are hoping the spirit of Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher will provide a driving force to end the carnage. The Hollywood great, who died shortly after protesting on the streets of London against China’s reviled dog eating traditions, has become an inspirational figure for animal welfare crusaders.

Two years ago, Ms Fisher and her beloved French bulldog Gary stood outside the Chinese embassy in London to hand in a petition signed by more than 11 million to highlight the global enmity of the annual summer slaughter of cats and dogs.

Holding a “Stop Yulin” placard, Ms Fisher joined supporters of Humane Society International and declared: “There is so much animal suffering in the world, and much of it you feel helpless to end, but stopping the Yulin dog meat festival and ending all that suffering is easy. “All the Chinese authorities need to do is declare it shut down, and the killing stops...News Source Click Here


30th May 2018 - Daily Mail - Chilling moment dog thieves shoot poisonous darts into pooches before stealing them for their meat in China - Disturbing surveillance footage from China has captured how dog thieves poisoned and stealing pooches on a street.
The video, filmed in eastern China, shows two suspects shooting what's believed to be toxic darts into three dogs during the wee hours.
After leaving the dogs to struggle for two minutes or so, the suspects, wearing helmets and masks, came back to pick up the motionless animals, according to the clip trending on Chinese social media.
According to the video on Sina Weibo, the incident took place in the city of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, on Sunday.

The use of poison in stealing or killing pet dogs is a common practice in China, but few suspects are arrested and punished partially due to the lack of animal protection laws in the country.
Shocking conducts captured on CCTV footage as such often spark controversy among the Chinese public, many of whom keep pet dogs.
Earlier this month, a pet owner from Yangzhou, eastern China, was convicted of manslaughter after knocking over a suspected dog thief while chasing the motorcycle-riding man in his van....News Source Click Here


21st May 2018 - The Telegraph - Dozens of dogs stabbed and clubbed to death in Chinese village amid rabies fears -
Dozens of dogs have been clubbed, beaten and stabbed to death in a Chinese village as part of a government-backed "slaughter" following concerns over rabies.
The campaign has so far seen 70 dogs from Shuanglong in the central Hunan province being killed - and officials are now urging authorities to supply them with firearms so they can step up the campaign.

Village officials began culling the local unregistered dogs last week after they became concerned of a possible rabies outbreak when several people were bitten by "mad dogs". "We have no ways to confirm how many dogs having been infected with rabies, so we decided to kill all the dogs within three kilometres from the centre of the 'epidemic'," official Zhong Yi told the Xiaoxiang Morning Post newspaper.
There were no confirmed cases of rabies in the reports. However, some officials noted that there is an incubation period for the disease, which can be fatal to humans if they are bitten by an infected animal...News Source Click Here


27th May 2018 - The express - Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival: MILLIONS of campaigners gather to stop the dog slaughter - ANTI DOG-EATING campaigners are gathering a fast-growing number of signatures in a bid to stop the massacre of dogs taking place every year at the Yulin dog eating festival taking place next month.
Preparations for the tenth edition of the annual dog meat festival in Chinese city of Yulin are in full effect but activists and animal lovers are taking actions to make their voices heard and have the event banned.

More than three million people have so far signed online petitions on various platform including, but the number grows by the minute as pictures of terrified pets crammed into cages or boiled alive go around the world.marches and public events in the US to increase global awareness on the issue, gathering more than 2,8 million signatures just this year.And devoted Chinese pet lovers are also organising protests and petitions to stop the festival, which will take place between June 21-30...News Source Click Here


30th April 2018 - The China boom in pet markets, dog breeding and pet cremation, and the restaurants still serving dog meat (tasty but tough)
The China boom in pet markets, dog breeding and pet cremation, and the restaurants still serving dog meat (tasty but tough) Guangzhou resident Liang Xiaodi is smitten by her 14-month-old puppy. Alai is a precocious chocolate Labrador who gets excited when he meets human visitors, but becomes timid when he encounters other dogs.
Liang, 39, believes his temperament stems from an illness Alai suffered when he was abandoned by his previous owner at about three months old. A member of the public found him and took him to the animal hospital from where Liang adopted him, and where Alai was treated with cheap medicine that rotted his teeth...News Source Click Here

23rd April - Owners find their missing dogs in dog meat trucks - Two missing dogs have been found in dog meat trucks.

According to the Jeju team of Busan Animal Abuse Prevention Agency, around 10:30 pm on April 21, they received a report about dog cries coming from a truck.
The truck was parked in front of a town hall building in Ora-dong, Jeju. A golden retriever and a mixed breed dog were found crammed inside a cage in the truck. Dog slaughtering tools were also found near the cages...News Source Click Here


18th April - Bloomberg - House Panel Considers Ban on Killing Dogs and Cats for Meals - Making a meal out of a dog or a cat may soon land you in jail.An amendment added Wednesday to a farm bill that was approved by the House Agriculture Committee would bar people from "knowingly slaughtering a dog or cat for human consumption," as well as transporting or participating in other commercial activity related to eating pet meat. and already prohibited in commercial slaughterhouses. But consumption of animals commonly considered as pets and companions in American culture still takes place among some immigrant groups. Only a handful of states, including New York, New Jersey and California, ban such small-scale butchering.Violators would be subject to up to a year of imprisonment, a fine, or both. The proposal would be part of a reauthorization of Agriculture Department p

Organizations including the Humane Society of the United States have been crusading against dog-and-cat slaughter worldwide, with acting President Kitty Block calling the farm bill an "ideal vehicle" for advancing the ban. The amendment by Republican Representative Jeff Denham of California is similar to a bill introduced by Democratic Representative Alcee Hastings of Florida that has 239 co-sponsors...News Source Click Here


29th March 2018 - Lisa Vanderpump releases Yulin documentary after moving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to tears -
Lisa Vanderpump moved her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars to tears when she held a screening of her new documentary on Monday's episode.
Now the reality star and animal activist has released The Road to Yulin... and Beyond on Prime Video in a bid to spread awareness about her a cause close to her he

The team at her non-profit, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, has made several mission trips to China to expose the torture that occurs during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, and the documentary chronicles their work.
Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd have long campaigned for years to end the dogmeat trade in China and their documentary was featured at LA Awareness Festival. Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Camille Grammer, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Girardi and Teddi Mellencamp were among the stars to turn out to support her at the screening ...News Source Click Here

The Road to Yulin And Beyond


27th March 2018 - - Dogs boiled alive and eaten in - Heartbreaking pictures show a dog meat market in Vietnam where stolen pets are rammed into cages and delivered to restaurants to be skinned and boiled alive.

An anonymous animal rights activist took the shocking video in Vườn Quốc Gia Bạch Mã village in a bid to raise awareness about the horrific trade.
Meanwhile, another previously unseen clip from a Hanoi meat market shows a pile of butchered dog carcasses.
Opposition to eating dogs has mounted of late, with growing numbers of animal rights groups shining a light on the illicit yet unregulated industry.
Australian Michele Brown, the CEO of the Fight Dog Meat charity, said: “In Vietnam, it’s believed eating tough meat makes a tough man.” ...News Source Click Here

Image Source: New York Post


16th March 2018 - The Express - Inside a sickening cat meat market: Photos reveal the horror of barbaric cat trade - HORRIFIC pictures reveal the true horror within a Vietnamese cat meat market where animals are skinned, butchered and boiled for a delicacy dish called “little tiger”. Despite the consumption of cat meat being illegal, Vietnam's emerging middle class has a taste for exotic, expensive meats.

Cats are traditionally viewed as a source of strength and potency and is praised for its delicate taste.
Consequently, thousands of pet cats are snatched every year from homes across Vietnam and the southern provinces of China, where traders have been quick to capitalise on their neighbours' appetite.
Like the dog-meat restaurants Vietnam has long been notorious for, cat restaurants present a harsh and terrifying environment for the animals, which are kept in crowded cages before their slaughter.

Cat meat is often eaten out of superstition in Vietnam. Eating such meat at the start of each month is believed to ward off bad luck. However this must be repeated every month to keep the bad luck away. Read more from Source

Image Source: Fight Dog meat


3rd March 2018 - VietNamNet Bridge - The Center of Pet Animal Protections and Studies (CPAPS) is a familiar name to many animal lovers, especially young people. - When reporters visited the center on a pre-Tet day, they met two young people who were on duty taking care of about 100 dogs and cats.
Nguyen Quang Huong, born in 1994, a veterinary medicine graduate of the Vietnam Agriculture Academy, is in charge of the health of the animals. He can remember the names of every dog and cat and their initial status after they were brought to the center.
Huong and the volunteers name all of the dogs and cats, such as Muoi Muoi (younger sister), Bun (soft noodles), Max and Bao (Storm). Some of them have more than one name, but will answer if they are called.
Muoi Muoi is a Husky dog. “I realized that Muoi Muoi was in a car accident and abandoned by the owner. Its two real legs were broken and did not recover,” Huong said...News Source Click Here

25th Feb 2018 Health warning as rabies spreads rapidly.... RABIES has spread rapidly, albeit silently, in many provinces of Thailand, with 271 confirmed cases of infection in animals nationwide as of yesterday – just 55 days into the New Year.
This number already surpasses the total number of rabies cases in the entire year of 2014.
According to real-time rabies infection statistics reported at, the rabies outbreak is most serious in the Lower North Eastern Region, while dogs were the most common animals to be infected...News Source Click Here

13rth Feb 2018 Olympic crackdown on dog meat fails to banish it from menus ... GANGNEUNG, South Korea — Dog meat restaurants are cooking up their traditional specialties despite government pressure and financial incentives aimed at curbing sales during the PyeongChang Olympics. Consuming dog is largely unpopular in modern South Korea and has become increasingly taboo. But "bosingtang" — literally “invigorating stew” made with dog meat — still appears on some menus...News Source Click Here

13TH FEB 2018 Vietnamese dog meat vendors prepare for Lunar New Year... ACPA estimated in 2014 that over half (53.7 per cent) of Vietnamese people were against eating dog meat, demonstrating a tangible improvement but also highlighting the extent of the challenge animal rights defenders face to end the trade for good...News Source Click Here

13th Feb 2018 China’s dog meat restaurants on the back foot as public clamour to report illegality ... A new Animals Asia initiative allows the public to report dog meat restaurant illegality online, with hundreds of reports flooding in over the first 10 days. While the dog meat industry must conform to strict regulations in China, investigations have consistently revealed widespread illegality at every stage of the supply chain. In just one year, Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare team and volunteers were able to leverage this illegality by reporting cases to the authorities, resulting in 130 restaurants having to close down or stop selling dog meat. Now the charity is going one step further by rolling out an online platform which allows the general public in China to quickly and easily report potential illegality which Animals Asia passes to the authorities...News Source Click Here

Dogs bound for the meat trade, China

6th Feb 2018 EXCLUSIVE: The trade in dog meat South Korea doesn't want Olympics tourists to see is exposed at market where they are slaughtered, chopped up and served in bubbling red broth for just $8 a bowl ... These are the images South Korean Olympics organizers do not want you to see – dogs being slaughtered and sold for food just 70 miles from where the Games begin on Friday. Dogs and even puppies are sold openly for food in Moran market, Seongnam, the country's largest open-air dog market - contradicting claims made last year by local authorities that it was closing. Up to 80,000 dogs are sold and slaughtered at the market each year, to be made into a soup which folklore claims boosts the eater's sex drive. Acutely aware of the worldwide reaction to eating dog meat, Korean authorities have urged citizens not to consume the animals during the Olympics – but's pictures show their request is futile...News Source Click Here

7th Feb 2018 PAWS’ alert: Unsafe to eat dog meat, as school withdraws plan for field trip ‘meal’ ... MANILA – The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is reminding the public that it is unsafe to eat dog meat, which has been documented to transmit rabies, a disease that has led to the deaths of people who have consumed it. This statement was prompted by a letter posted by parent Chuck Torres on Facebook on Thursday last week, where representatives from his son’s school sought his permission for the consumption of dog meat and locally-made beer during a field trip to Baguio City...News Source Click Here

24th Jan 2018 Activists Film ‘Extreme Market’ In Indonesia To Denounce Dog Meat Trade’ - A coalition of animal welfare groups has released horrific footage of dogs being bashed to death and blowtorched in so-called “extreme markets” in Indonesia. Dog Meat Free Indonesia ― formed by the Indonesian groups Animal Friends Jogja and Jakarta Animal Aid Network, the United Kingdom-based Change for Animals Foundation, and Australia’s Humane Society International ― shared 12 minutes of graphic footage from a December visit to so-called “extreme markets” in North Sulawesi, a province of Indonesia. The group filmed the video at Tomohon Extreme Market and Langowan Market, where vendors sell fruit and fresh produce alongside dogs and cats that are brutally killed on-site. Though different types of animals can be seen in the footage, the video focuses on dogs...News Source Click Here

15th Jan 2018 Dog-lover Phil says thanks to Horncastle community for support - A Horncastle business owner says he has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the generosity and support he’s received from the local community ahead of his trip to Thailand to volunteer at one of the world’s biggest animal charities. Phil Cantwell, who owns the award-winning Thai Dining Room and Riverside Grill, will jet out to the Far East in the next few days. He’ll spend two weeks working at the Soi Dog Foundation, Mr Cantwell appealed through the Horncastle News for donations of pet toys and slip leads to take Thailand...News Source Click Here

9th Jan 2018 CHINA’S ONLINE RETAILERS ARE DROPPING DOG MEAT FROM THEIR STORES... Joining a number of other online shopping platforms, Chinese retailer Pin Duo Duo has banned the sale of dog and cat meat after customers discovered and reported that some of its retailers were selling such products online. Pin Duo Duo released a statement on December 12, 2017, announcing that “it was prohibited for anyone to sell cat and dog meat on the platform,” and mentioned there would be action taken against the perpetrators. In the statement, the retailer also talked about the potential dangers involved with consuming animals that may be infected with parasites or diseases that can affect humans, such as rabies. Such firm and positive action is a heartening trend among Chinese online retailers. In July 2017, Taobao, China’s version of Ebay, removed dog meat products from their site after a campaign by Animals Asia. Top food order platform banned the sale of all dog meat in 2016, along with bear bile, bear paw, shark fin and other wildlife products...News Source Click Here

9th Jan 2018 How a tragic series of errors led to a policeman beating a dog to death in the street.When gruesome scenes of an auxiliary Chinese policeman beating a golden retriever to death in the street hit the internet recently, it started a firestorm of criticism. Shock, revulsion, disbelief, disgust, anger...these are just some of the reactions people in China and around the world expressed. Personally, I felt sick to my stomach. Then desperately ashamed, then furiously angry. How could any person do this? What kind of person could be so viciously cruel? But now understanding the context of that gruesome video, I realise this isn’t the story of a bad person gone rogue, it’s the tragic story of a bad system which let that poor dog down, time and time again...News Source Click Here

5th Jan 2018 Two arrests after 770 kilos of illegal dog meat seized by police......Two men have been arrested after more than 77 dead dogs — destined for the illegal dog meat trade — were seized in Batangas. The suspects, Emerson Balingaloan, aged 36, and Glen Bajacang, 30, admitted the carcasses — weighing 770 kilos — were on their way a restaurant in their home city Baguio. Police made the arrests in Padre Garcia following a tip-off from the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF)...News Source Click Here


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