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23rd March 2018: - New South Korean Constitutional Amendment That Covers Animal Rights Could Lead to the End of the Dog Meat Trade!

The South Korean Government recently made headlines with the announcement that they would be banning the import of cruelly-poached animals, including dolphins caught in the infamous Taiji Cove. And the good news has not stopped there — the South Korean Government has set a new amendment bill that will cover animal rights!

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) had been pressuring the South Korean Government to address animal welfare issues, like the dog meat trade, and garnered “countless” petition signatures from concerned citizens in support of change. CARE explains South Korea’s new amendment bill as such: “The amendment bill includes a clause that gives provision to establish a policy for the protection of animal rights.”

South Korea has gotten a lot of criticism for their active involvement in the brutal dog meat trade where millions of innocent dogs (and cats) are kept in filthy kennels until being bludgeoned to death, with many even being skinned alive. The trade is not only unconscionably cruel, but it is rife with public health hazards, being responsible for the spread of deadly diseases like rabies. On top of this, animals used in the trade are often kidnapped pets.

Although this is fantastic news, CARE is being cautious and will be following up with South Korean officials to make sure these words turn into action.As this great victory proves, public opinion and animal advocacy indeed have the power to change the world. Share this with your network as inspiration to never stop speaking up for animals! Source here

And if you have not yet done so, please sign and share Humane Society International’s petition calling on President Moon to ban the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea:

Image Source: Pixabay

13th February 2018: - Go-Food Goes Dog Meat Free!
​“GO-FOOD” – the food delivery service of Indonesia’s biggest online delivery company, “GO-JEK” – has agreed to remove the sale and promotion of all dog meat products from their service nationwide!After being alerted to the sale of dog meat by concerned supporters, the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition contacted the company to raise our grave concerns for both animal welfare and human health and safety associated with the trade. Source

We are sharing this news as we are also against all fur trade - December 2017 - Major Win! Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo Are Going Fur-Free! - MICHAEL KORS ANNOUNCES FUR-FREE POLICY. The Fur Free Alliance Celebrates Michael Kors for Being Latest International Brand to Drop Fur NEW YORK (15 December 2017) – Michael Kors Holdings Limited, a global fashion luxury group, today announced that it will no longer use animal fur in its products, with production being phased out by the end of December 2018. With this announcement, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo have joined the international Fur Free Retailer Program.

We are sharing this news as we are also against all fur trade - 11th October 2017 - Gucci Announces It Will Be Going Fur-Free - Gucci announces fur-free policy!
LONDON – 11 OCTOBER 2017 – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and LAV, along with the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), are pleased that the leading global fashion house Gucci has announced it will no longer use animal fur, beginning with its spring-summer 2018 collection. Gucci’s President & CEO Marco Bizzarri announced the fur-free policy today during the 2017 Kering Talk at The London College of Fashion.

2nd June 2017 - Animals Asia helps close more than 100 Chinese dog meat restaurants - With illegality found throughout the dog meat supply chain, the animal welfare NGO has been alerting the authorities to lawbreakers with stunning results.

When an Animals Asia investigation in 2015 revealed the scale of illegality in the dog meat trade, the charity knew it had a new resource to use in efforts to end the consumption of dogs and cats.The investigation revealed many dogs are poisoned when stolen from homes or snatched from the streets and have no proof of origin or vaccination histories as required by law.
Since then, the Hong Kong-based charity has reported 1,039 dog meat restaurants in 52 cities across China which they suspected of illegality. More than 150 government departments responded with 72% of cases being accepted.
As a result 126 restaurants have been ordered to close or stop selling dog meat due to illegality in their business dealings.
All reporting since 2017 has been carried out by Ya Dong Consulting, an enterprise wholly owned and advised by Animals Asia....READ MORE

Image source: Animal Asia

Taiwan bans dog and cat meat!! 12th April 2017 - Taiwan has become the first Asian country to completely ban the eating of dog and cat meat. - Anyone caught eating dog or cat meat in Taiwan will be fined as much as $8K USD. "This is an incredibly significant moment in the worldwide efforts to end eating dog and cat," said Andrea Gung, Executive Director of Duo Duo Project. "On a personal note, I grew up in Taiwan," adds Andrea, "to hear this news helps ease the disturbing memories I have of dog meat being a menu option." Andrea and the entire Duo Duo Project team send their congratulations to Taiwan, for their progressive decision.

17th Jan 2017 - This victory - let it be for the animals - The owners and association that run one of the largest and oldest dog meat markets in South Korea, agree to close their slaughterhouses.Not just the dog meat slaughterhouses, but all of them. The chicken slaughterhouses. The duck slaughterhouses. The rabbit slaughterhouses.They told Marc Ching that many local activists and international groups have lobbied and petitioned, asking for the same thing. They told him that when they come, all they do is argue and fight with them.
He said, "This is the first time ever, that someone has come asking how we can work together."
He said, "You should feel lucky, because today is historic."
Marc Ching said " I do feel lucky, not because we deserve it. But because the people who believed in us, they deserve it."
Our first victory...

MarcChing_SouthKorea_agree to close their dog slaughterhouses-2017-1

Image source: Marc Ching

Deeply rooted in tradition, Gupo Meat Market has been slaughtering animals for over a century.
Today marks the first time in history that they have agreed to make a change, accepting to work with The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.
While the process of emptying the cages still needs to be presented to the government, the hard part is over. Getting the dog meat traders themselves, to want to become something else.

Marc Ching SouthKorea agree to close their dog slaughterhouses 2017

Image source: Marc Ching


China won a small victory as has banned from its platforms those restaurants that sell dog meat.
3rd Nov 2016 - (Beijing) - An online food-delivery service's decision to remove restaurants selling dog meat from its platform received mixed reaction from netizens, as the debate over eating dog meat in China continues. recently announced that it has removed from its app and website 294 restaurants that sell a total of 7,733 dishes containing dog meat, citing food safety concerns. "Currently, there are no quarantine and slaughter standards for dogs in China and the origin of most dog meat in the market is unclear," the company said in an online statement, adding that it is very likely dog meat carries parasites and the rabies virus, which poses a food safety risk.....READ MORE

China won a small victory as has banned from its platforms those restaurants that sell dog meat.

29th October 2016 - In unity comes strength and change. Mayor Kwon Young-Jin of Daegu, S. Korea has just announced the cancellation of the Chilsung Market event in which the Dog Meat Traders and Butchers were passing out Free Dog Meat Soup to everyone.
Activists on the ground in S. Korea had mobilized in protest and the mayor's office had been inundated with outrage.
This is a huge win for the campaign to end this barbaric practice as it sends the message - the world is watching S. Korea!

Great News!! 10th July 2016 - Nagaland is in process of banning dog meat - The Municipal Affairs Department (MAD) have also been requested to stop the bazaars meant for selling live dogs and its meat, besides giving wide publicity to treat animals with care and love, the Joint Secretary said..... READ FULL ARTICLE

6th July 2016 - Lawmakers introduce bill to ban dog, cat meat - Taipei, June 23 (CNA) The Legislative Yuan on Thursday began review of a legal amendment to prohibit the consumption of dog and cat meat in Taiwan.The amendment, sponsored by opposition Kuomintang Legislator Wang Yu-min (王育敏) and ruling Democratic Progressive Party Legislators Gao Jyh-peng (高志鵬) and Chiu Chih-wei (邱志偉), seeks to ban the trade and consumption of carcasses, organs and products of cats or dogs..... READ FULL ARTICLE

Taiwan, the most companion-animal loving country in Asia is reviewing its law to ban CONSUMPTION of dog and cat meat.
In 2001, the Taiwanese government imposed a ban on the SALE of dog meat. In 2007, another law was passed, significantly increasing the FINES to sellers of dog meat. However, there are reports that suggest the practice continues and the Taiwanese government is accused of not prosecuting those who continue to slaughter and serve dog meat at restaurants. On 23 June 2016, a Legislative session began to review the legal amendment sponsored by members of opposition & ruling parties to prohibit the CONSUMPTION of dog and cat meat.

11 MILLION! 11th June 2016 - Biggest petition in history as 11 MILLION fight barbaric Chinese dog eating festival - AN 11 MILLION strong worldwide army of furious animal lovers have signed the world’s biggest petition calling for an end to the sadistic Yulin festival which tortures and slaughters 10 million dogs each year....... READ FULL ARTICLE

Epic Rescue! 6th June 2016 - One Green Planet - Truck Filled With Dogs Stopped on the Way to Meat Market in China - The dog meat industry that prevails in certain areas of Asia has come under increased scrutiny in recent years. Events such as China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival have been condemned by a diverse array of public figures and celebrities – with Ricky Gervais a particularly outspoken critic – while international animal welfare groups, in addition to local groups from within China, have raised concerns about the serious animal cruelty and public health concerns associated with the festival. Dogs are treated horrendously during the transit and slaughter process, due to a belief that the dog’s meat will taste better if they have been tortured prior to death. At the same time, the absence of strong regulations around the transport and care of dogs has been linked to the spread of rabies among humans........ READ FULL ARTICLE

23rd May 2016 - One Green Planet - Victory! Activists Halt Dog Meat Trader on Way to Slaughterhouse and Save 200 Dogs! - Sometimes it just takes one person to stand up against cruelty for change to come about. And once one person does it, it’s only a matter of time before others join in. Just look at the situation in China, where in the past few weeks, millions of Chinese citizens have spoken out and thousands have banded together to try to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, an event where tens of thousands of dogs are slaughtered and eaten for good luck. Activists are participating in marches, raising awareness over social media, and some are even halting the slaughter themselves!....... READ FULL ARTICLE

24th March 2016 - South Korea’s longest-running DOG MEAT restaurant closes after 33 years… as customers snub eating their pets - It’s been frequented by two former presidents, and now South Korea’s longest-running dog meat restaurant is set to close. Tourists and locals have eaten at Daegyo – which serves boshintang or dog stew – for 33 years...... READ FULL ARTICLE

4th November 2015 - VICTORY: Animal Lovers Completely Demolish Dog Meat Farm - The 103 dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea by Humane Society International (HSI) are the last to ever suffer there. In September, HSI negotiated with the meat farmer and shut down his operation. The 103 dogs went to animal rescue organizations and found loving homes..... READ FULL ARTICLE

12th November 2014 - First animal welfare law passed - The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) on Wednesday approved an animal welfare bill, the country's first piece of legislation to punish people who neglect, torture or fail to adequately take care of animals...... READ FULL ARTICLE

12th October 2013 - VICTORY! A DOG SLAUGHTERHOUSE AND 33 MARKETS SHUTDOWN! - A total of 33 stalls belonging to the ‘Three Birds of Dali Markets’ and a dog slaughterhouse, situated in Nanhai – Foshan (Guangdong Province), have been closed by Chinese authorities, following Animal Equality‘s latest investigation. Chinese animal advocates from the organization Volunteer Centre of Guanzhou, used the footage obtained by Animal Equality -which highlighted the illegal and cruel trade in such establishments- to report the illegal trade to the authorities. Footage obtained by Animal Equality investigators has been used by Chinese animal advocates from the organization Volunteer Centre of Guanzhou to report the illegal trade to the authorities. Non of the stalls had official or legal certificates for the dogs and cats, as most of the animals are pulled away from their homes and families to then be sold and slaughtered for their meat. During the raid, police have seized more than 600 dogs and cats. Nanhai authorities have also shut down an illegal dog slaughterhouse located close to the markets. The slaughterhouse was used to provide dog meat to the local restaurants. Police found over a hundred dogs which were wounded and dehydrated, several of them were already dead. The breeding, trade and killing of dogs and cats for food is not explicitly prohibited in China yet. The sentence which closed these establishments was based primarily on a health and food security issue, as the stall and slaughterhouse owners did not have valid vaccine certificates for each animal. Until the Chinese government prohibits the dog and cat meat trade in the country, we are still able to help these animals and close down the markets, restaurants and slaughterhouses which sell dog and cat meat, by using these laws against these business, as the majority don’t comply with the law........ READ FULL ARTICLE


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