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Dogs and Cats OFF the menu

Dogs and cats are also killed inhumanely for their fur....hanged...bludgeoned....bled to death.....many still alive when their skinned bodies are thrown away like garbage....and for what?? Fur trim for clothes and fur rugs that nobody needs in the 21st century
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What Hunger Games "Woody Harrelson" thinks of wearing Fur

This video has NO graphic footage - removing the need to turn away

Published on 8/01/2013 - Woody Harrelson narrates this video for The Humane Society of the United States, which takes a look at the cruelty of the fur industry via the experiences of one unfortunate stuffed animal.

Marni Montanez - Stop the Cruel Dog and Cat Fur Trade



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This Petition Center focuses on all petitions to put an end to the Fur Trade, Skinning them Alive, making Laws for Protection, Boycotting Yulin Festival of Terror and the Consumption of Dog and Cat Meat. Every signature received brings all these horrific acts against them closer to an end. CLICK HERE


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