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In 2017


Maya Domino posted a supportive photo on the Facebook event page "National Rallies Against the Yulin Dog Meat Trade" ....."I'm sorry I couldn't make it out today. I hope this still helps to show support to end the terrible festival"

Photo by Maya Domino


Riley says "STOP EATING MY FRIENDS" the world is watching ....good luck to Marc Ching, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) and all fellow animal activist at the National Rallies Against the Yulin Dog Meat Trade on the 9th June 2017


Photo left Marion Mondor and Simon as Underdog in front of the South Korean Consulate May 2017

and photo right Bob with his signs"I will never stop fighting against animal cruelty" May 2017

Photos by Bob Heisler



I am a South Korean American, 33 years old, sometimes act like a kid, hahaha, but I am a Korean American who fights to end the dog and cat meat trade in Korea, China, and beyond. I was adopted at only three months old from Seoul. If I grew up in Korea I would most likely have my own organization up and going or possibly join somebody else's. I would be busy all day everyday if I were in Korea.

Here in America handing leaflets out or trying to to those that want it. I raise awareness all day everyday. But really at the end of the day handing leaflets out only does so much for me. I would much rather be in Korea helping to save dogs and cats everyday personally. I was raised in NYC but now in boring philly. I have three pups of my own, they all have yorkie in them so I call them new yorkies most the time.

I will never stop fighting for these dogs and cats until I am unable to move my body. God bless these dogs and cats, they are companions not to be tortured and murdered!!!!!!! F#&k Boknal and Yulin Festivals, I hope one day they will vanished from the planet earth!!!!!! To every dog and cat, I am with you in spirit everyday, you are in my mind and heart everyday. I know I can not feel the pain and suffering that you all go through but I will never stop fighting for you furry friends until I am paralyzed from breathing!!!!!! Bless every dog and cat and animal around the globe!!!!!! - Hyung Landes


In 2016

"Jess Abella" and her mother "Mary Ann Harris" had two highway signs put up to bring awareness of the barbaric dog meat trade worldwide. One was put up on Holden Beach Road in North Carolina and the other on Rt 23 in New Jersey.

Jonathan Moore and Dion B. Harris took the time to put them up.

"Please educate your family and friends. Together we can save millions of dogs/cats from the horrific premeditated and prolonged torture worldwide." - Jess Abella

(Dog in photo: General Sam-bok. Rescued by Nami Kim from an illegal dog meat in Korea)

Photo by Jess Abella



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