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"Man is the cruelest animal." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil." - Thomas Mann

"Evil is a choice one makes, not a natural state of being." - Morgan Rhodes

"No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from." - George Eliot,

Shame on the Daily Mail - On November 26 the Daily Mail printed an article written by George Knowles slandering Marc Ching and The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. An anonymous source provided false information and even though Marc responded with concrete evidence against the claims, they went ahead with the false article anyway. Not only has the article tarnished Marcs reputation, it hinders a resolution that would help put an end to the yulin meat festival and the dog meat trade altogether. This article should be retracted immediately and George Knowles held accountable for his actions. Please sign the petition---> "Daily Mail retract your article about Marc Ching" - CLICK HERE

26/11//2016 -The Daily Mail article - 'Those poor dogs went from one hell to another': Hundreds of animals that Hollywood crusader vowed to rescue from the dinner table in China were later left to die in sweltering cages CLICK HERE

27/11//2016 - Marc Ching response to the article written about himself and the foundation:

27/11//2016 - Marc Ching's Dog Rescue Operation Embroiled In Controversy By Erin Chew - Generally, I do not pay much attention to media outlet Daily Mail, because they are one of the worst offenders of racial bias. So I wasn’t surprised to see a full blown investigative feature from Daily Mail claiming Marc Ching’s dog rescue operation was built on lies, fraud and deceit. I started to read it and then stopped halfway as it started to sound so much like a smear campaign against the hard work Marc and his volunteers have done to save dogs all over the world who were looking at certain death. And where I don’t think their operations are full proof perfect, I do get a sense there has been a smear campaign....READ MORE

29/11/2016 Davey's Voice - A message from the Founder and President of Davey's Voice, Gretchen Lieff, in response to the recently published Daily Mail article regarding Marc Ching and The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation:
"I was extremely disappointed to read the recently published defamatory article pertaining to Marc Ching and the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation which I do not believe to be a fair reflection of the heroic efforts by the Foundation to raise awareness of the atrocities inherent with the Dog Meat Trade in Asia. The Foundation has provided great support to Davey's Voice in aiding with the rescue of 15 dogs that would otherwise have ended up on dinner plates in Yulin; funding a substantial portion of their vetting and care in China, as well as the flights to the US for 4 of these dogs, where the majority are now settled into loving homes. We can identify with the challenges in bringing the dogs into the US and Marc Ching's dedication to the dogs that his Foundation rescued has never floundered. To claim that the Foundation has abandoned the rescued Yulin dogs is preposterous." CLICK HERE TO SEE POST

29/11//2016 - Suki Su, a voluteer of AHWF and a witness of this Yulin rescue 2016


North Korea is promoting the consumption of dog meat by suggesting it has more vitamins than chicken, beef, pork or duck.Kim Jong-un labels DOG MEAT a 'superfood' in a bid to encourage starving North Koreans to eat it... and advises them to beat the animals to death to improve the taste - North Korea is encouraging its starving population to eat more dog meat by suggesting it contains more vitamins than chicken, beef, pork and duck. The country, which is ruled by tyrant Kim Jong-un, is still promoting the dish as a traditional 'stamina food'.

North Korea is promoting the consumption of dog meat
DPRK Today, a North Korean YouTube propaganda channel, announced that the meat has more vitamins than other animals.
It also suggested that dog meat is good for the stomach and intestines, The Korea Times reports......READ MORE

Kim Jong-un FB page - CLICK HERE


South Korea "Ki Bo Bae" Athletes Credit Success To Dog Meat.....Outrage broke out against her from animal lovers around the world on social media.

An interview given six years ago by the father of Ki Bo-bae, one of the three female archers who won the gold medal in the team event Monday (KST). In the interview, Ki's father said his daughter turned in excellent performances after eating dog meat during her school days.

North Korea is promoting the consumption of dog meat

Uljjang archer Ki Bo Bae Said 'Targets are easier to hit when I eat boshintang'.

10th August 2016 Full article - CLICK HERE

Ki Bo Bae FB page - CLICK HERE