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We are meat trade survivors from South Korea and this is our story....

"Anna and Jackson"

was Hera and Max - Alaskan Malamutes

From S. Korea to NY ....No more beatings.... No more torture and NEVER to be slaughtered! Max and Hera adopted TOGETHER!


Nami Kim rescued Hera and Max of a meat farm in Soel  South Korea. Brought over by Guardians of Rescue and adopted out of Save A Pet in Port Jefferson NY. 
They were raised together and everyone thought they should stay together there after. I couldn't agree more and I couldn't imagine not having either one of them in my life. 

Their days went from nightmares to hiking, running, and yes they have learned to be sled dogs. and they love it!

Happily ever after.....


 Max and Hera went to their forever home together. Thank you to their adopters, Guardians of Rescue and Save A Pet.


KOREA TO USA! Max and Hera are safe and sound and will never be abused or suffer horrific dog meat trade/torture again!

Nami Kim transporting Max and Hera to the airport in S Korea. Off to NY


Max and Hera are two lucky dogs from S.Korea that did not make it to the market or the big BokNal Meat Festival because of rescue efforts!


Guardians of Rescue ---> CLICK HERE

Save A Pet ---> CLICK HERE

Nami Kim



(Anna and Jackson's details on this page are posted with kind permission from her owners Angela Donahue and Paul Donahue)


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