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I'm a meat trade survivor from China and this is my story....



Clover was rescued by Buddhist monks from a slaughterhouse in Changchun and taken to the shelters where conditions still aren't good the dogs are all just left to roam and are ill and starving and often fight, he was treated for starvation and dehydration, pneumonia, infected mange (why he was shaved bald), distemper!

(He was rescued July 2016)

He was taken on by Rushton Dog Rescue owned by Cindi McNeil Regan who has rescued dogs in U.K. And Spain for years but launched the 'darkness to light project' after she read so much about the Chinese dog meat trade and couldn't ignore it any longer.

We saw him on Facebook and having had 3 golden retrievers just had to have him.

Once we'd been home checked and he was healthy enough he flew from Shanghai to Paris and stayed in a foster home in Paris for 5 days and then the tunnel from Paris to England where he stayed with Cindi, the owner of the charity, and we went to pick him up it was the week before Christmas so he was our Christmas miracle we'd been waiting so long for him we were just ecstatic.

We think he's really young, maybe not even 2 as he's so playful and wild and rubbery like a puppy, and mischievous He's just absolutely gorgeous and the light of our life everyday.

(He was adopted on the 13th December 2016)

His favourites are his donkey and mouse toys and he just loves any kind of fuss and attention, he cuddles and licks everyone, he absolutely adores human contact and is just so loving and forgiving it's hard to imagine what he's gone through.


26th December 2016 - Daily Mirror by Louie Smith - Heartwarming rescue of dogs who were rescued from brutal illegal dog meat trade - Retriever Clover ran on grass for the first time ever after being saved from an illegal dog meat lorry. The 12-month-old is one of scores being rescued from the horrific Chinese trade by a small UK charity. Cindi McNeil-Regan, 43, who runs Rushton Dog Rescue, said: “This evil trade should be shut down, so I decided to try to make a difference by saving some animals.” Clover was found by activists in China in a disturbingly skinny state, with severe skin problems and suffering pneumonia. Vets say he would have died in a month because of his poor diet and condition. READ MORE


In the "Closer magazine" today - 6th June 2017 -


Rushton Dog Rescue is a registered charity (No. 1139999) based in Dorset and Somerset and are committed to saving abandoned and abused dogs on an international scale; with current projects in China Rushton Dog Rescue (Darkness To Light Project)



(Clover's details on this page are posted with kind permission from his owners Julie Wardle and Skye Wardle)


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