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I'm a meat trade survivor from South Korea and this is my story....

"General Sam-bok"


General Sam-bok is a big and handsome Jindo. He was one of the 300 dogs rescued from an illegal meat farm located in Bucheon City. The farm was Nami Kim’s biggest project of 2016, but also the largest shut down she had ever attempted. Beginning in May 2016, Nami began negotiations. Eventually, the farm agreed to shut down. This was part of “Dog Meat free Zone” the city of Bucheon task.

The rescue was divided into two 150 and 150 as no space was available at Gimpo, the main shelter. The first pull out was in late May 2016 and second pull out was carried out 1st July after securing a boarding that can house the 100 dogs. After rescue, Nami found ALL (with an exception of one) the female dogs to be pregnant. In the end, this shut down saved many more than the initial 300 lives. It has taken many months to adopt out so many dogs. These are the few still waiting at the shelter for their forever homes.

General Sam-bok was transported to be my forever dog in September 2016. He is very intelligent and was easy to house train. I named him Sam-bok because it's means survivor in Korean. He is an ambassador against the horrific dog meat trade. General Sam-bok loves long walks and sharing broccoli with his forever mommy. He will live out the rest of his days enjoying life full of love, the way he deserves to be.

meat trade survivor

meat trade survivor meat trade survivor

General Sam-bok got his Dog Meat Trade "Ambassador" vest He will wear it on all our walks to bring awareness of this horrific trade.

meat trade survivor meat trade survivor

meat trade survivor meat trade survivor


At Nami Kim's shelter in South Korea


Nami Kim



(General Sam-bok's details on this page are posted with kind permission from his owner Jess Abella)


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