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I'm a meat trade survivor from South Korea and this is my story....



meat trade survivor

Malla was rescued by Nami Kim in January 2017 and was flown out to us in Illinois at the end of May 2017. She was so scared when we first saw her. It took us 40 minutes to get her out of her crate and into the car, but 24 hours later she seemed like a completely different dog. Perhaps it was down to her new dog siblings, but she very quickly figured out that she was safe and this was home. Everything was new to her. It took a day to figure out what the porch stairs were and a week to master the staircase to the second floor. Human toes were fascinating and she tried to find where the people in the TV were. When she was outside, she would go from walking very timidly to outbursts of sprinting around the yard. She’s still working on how to stop and turn while going so fast. Malla has amazed me in the way that she looks at the world.

meat trade survivor meat trade survivor

Every new experience is greeted with excitement and positive curiosity, something I wasn’t expecting from a dog who spent most of her life at the whims of a butcher. She is still scared of puddles and she still has nightmares from time to time, but her confidence and joy grow daily.

She is the most resilient creature I have ever met and is an inspiration for how to live for the moment and not to let the past taint any hope for the future.


Nami Kim




(Nami's details on this page are posted with kind permission from her owner Jenny Campbell)


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