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I'm a meat trade survivor from South Korea and this is my story....


"Minky and Lucky"


I'm thinking how I can thank everyone that helped rescue me and my baby Lucky! I love my big yard, my good food, the love I feel, and all my supporters, happy we found our forever home. Minky age 7 ( approx) adopted through Nami Kim-Savekoreandogs. Minky was rescued from the meat traders house, which is now Nami Kim's shelter. Nami was told Minky was to be eaten by the village at any time. A day after Minkys rescue she gave birth to three puppies, (i now wonder if they knew and just didnt care!) one of which Nami named Lucky. Oh what a short stinker with hair! You just can't have a bad day after five minutes with him! Minky is so protective, loving and concerned over her puppy. Nami certainly did the right thing in flying them together. I have had many dogs in my life and as Nami has spoken to me about Minky, she has suffered a great deal I can tell. But in the three weeks since arriving she has changed so much. Her favorite thing to do is to walk down to the pond with me and feed the catfish. And not to far behind is little short legs Lucky! I can only assume her paws haven't touched the ground much and she has spent her life in a cage giving birth to support the butcher.

Working on one of the largest military bases in the states has given me a great opportunity to bring Minky and Lucky to visit and educate many on the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade. Many cry as they hold them tight in their arms unaware of the atrocities that were occuring in many parts of our world. I always hear.....look at those innocent eyes how could they hurt them! But because of people like Nami, the voices of people reading this, advocates, activists and rescuers, Minky and our sweet Lucky will one day give their brothers and sisters left in that darkness a life like theirs.

A life that each and every one of them deserve! I promise Minky every night.....soon Minky soon. And to all the warriors out there, thank you for my two precious gifts! I will treasure them always! We will fight until all cages are empty!!
Much respect! Melinda Magee, Minky, Lucky


Minky getting weighed for her long trip to freedom in Missouri


Lucky, Minkys puppy getting love from Nami Kim before his flight with momma

Minky and Lucky taking their freedom walk. Destination.....Chicago, then 7 hours on to Lebanon Missouri.

Minky knows she's going home! ..........Watching animal planet and eating snacks!



Nami Kim



(Minky's and Lucky's details on this page are posted with kind permission from their owner Melinda Magee)

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