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I'm a meat trade survivor from South Korea and this is my story....



This is Moon Jae-In (formerly Moran) she was rescued by Nami Kim's team, a member of the board of directors for savekoreandogs, she saw Moon Jae-In being taken in the back of the Moran meat marker to be butchered and rescued her and took her to Nami Kim. Moon almost lost her life again for fighting and hurting other dogs at Nami's sanctuary. I asked to take her to give her another chance at life as a dog. She flew to the US April 19, 2017 and has not even growled once. She's gentle and curious. She flinches when touched but we were able to touch her and put a collar on her the first day. I still have lots of work to do with her but I think she'll be just fine, she is a true DMT survivor

meat trade survivormeat trade survivor

meat trade survivor

Nami Kim



(Moon-Jae-In's details on this page are posted with kind permission from her owner Cathie Mcewan)


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