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I'm a meat trade survivor from South Korea and this is my story....



She was born in a cage. No ordinary cage. One with a wire bottom floor so the excrement could drop through. One encrusted with years of filth. She was fed garbage. No water, only whatever liquid was mixed in with the slop. She was exposed to the elements: wind, rain, snow, blistering sun and frigid cold. Every day was filled with monotony or terror, never knowing if this would be the day she would be dragged from the cage, like the others before her, and strangled by the butcher’s noose. This was the first two years of her life.

Then one day Nami Kim arrived. The dog spoke to her. She stood high in her cage, reaching out for help. She smiled a smile of hope. The butcher refused to release her. Nami was resolute and through sheer will and grit, the dog was rescued.

Nami Saved from Nami Kim

That dog is now my dog. I named her Nami after her fearless rescuer. She arrived at JFK on September 15, 2015. It took a little while for her to trust. How could it be otherwise? Through observation she learned how to go up and down the stairs, play with toys, walk on a leash (still perfecting that), curl up on a comfy bed, and understand that life could be good. She is a happy dog.

Nami Saved from Nami Kim

Nami Saved from Nami Kim


Nami Saved from Nami KimNami Saved from Nami Kim

Nami Saved from Nami Kim


Tragically, there are millions of dogs in South Korea and throughout Asia who are living lives of utter misery, pain and dread. Dogs who will be tortured to death for human consumption. Not out of hunger or need, but due to the misguided belief that dog meat increases virility, has medicinal benefits and cools the body during the hot summer months. Dogs just like my dog.
We can all play a role in helping to free these dogs. There are petitions to sign, letters to write, e-mails to send and calls to be made. There are protests to attend. And there are dogs to be adopted.

Nami Kim at and currently has close to 300 dogs in her South Korean sanctuary needing homes. Nami has permanently shut down several dog meat farms and has rescued hundreds of dogs. She is also working locally and nationally to bring an end to the dog meat trade. It will take more than a village to end this industry. It will take people around the globe, speaking up and becoming actively involved in fighting for the end of this barbaric practice. Please be one of those people.

Nami Kim



(Nami's details on this page are posted with kind permission from her owner Linda Lariviere)


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