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I'm a meat trade survivor from South Korea and this is my story....



Little 4 month old Rocky is adapting well to his new life in southern California which includes sleeping in a plush bed with his new favorite human (13 year old Kevin) and playing in a nice back yard with his many new toys and being loved, kissed, hugged and cuddled constantly. At first glance he looks and acts like any adorable puppy with wagging tail, awkward and slightly uncoordinated play jumps and an instant preference for filet mignon but there’s much more to his story. Rocky was born on a South Korean dog meat farm and along with the other 300 dogs was destined for a horrific end as dog meat soup during Boknal where hundreds of thousands of dogs are consumed in a soup called boshintang. It all seemed hopeless but lady luck was on Rocky’s side in the form of the incomparable animal activist Nami Kim who managed to shut the farm down and rescue all the dogs.

Although safe now the question became ‘who will adopt a meat dog in South Korea’? The answer is ‘no one’ as these jindo mixes are not considered ‘pet dogs’ so once again his fate was up in the air. Thankfully the wonderful rescue organization in Los Angeles ‘Wags and Walks’ arranged to fly 10 of Nami’s angels in and get them adopted into loving homes in the area. Here’s where Kevin’s unwavering tenacity comes in. Kevin had been begging his mom Renee for a dog for years and her being an animal activist and fellow founder of our non profit ‘Cecil’s Angels’ saw the perfect opportunity to rescue one of these pups and make her son the happiest little camper west of the Mississippi all in one fell swoop.
Mission. Accomplished.





Nami Kim



(Rocky's details on this page are posted with kind permission from his owner Renee Esebag)


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