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These videos help you to see the tireless efforts of Charities, Humane Societies and individuals to ease the suffering and bring worldwide attention to the barbarity of the dog meat industry. From the protesters stopping the transport of dogs. people entering the farms and slaughterhouses...attending horrific festivals of abuse, to the rescuers, arrangers of fosterers and adoptions, the fosterers and adopters themselves and very importantly people who donate, protest, sign petitions and write letters.......

Dogs and Cats OFF the menu

Dogs SAVED from being Eaten in Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Published on 13th November 2016

A beautiful story of 4 dogs who were saved from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China by Humane Society International, flown to the UK and ready to be homed by All Dogs Matter Rescue Featuring actor Peter Egan


EARTWARMING RESCUE STORY of 4 dogs saved from a Chinese Slaughterhouse and flown to the UK to be homed by Humane Society International....these 4 beautiful dogs and 2 cats were very close to being torturously killed in time for the Yulin dog meat festival, but luckily HSI rescuers stepped in and rescued over 170 individuals. Many of these dogs are stolen pets and are tame and beautiful.
Featuring animal loving actor Peter Egan, HSI's Claire Platt, All Dog's Matter Ira Moss and wildlife presenter Anneka Svenska - filmed & Edited by Dominic Houghton. A GreenWorldTV Film.

There are some still available are ready now to be homed.
Published on 13th Nov 2016 -


Journey from Cruelty to Compassion



OKJI's story


Be the One to Help Animals



Dog Saved from 2015 Yulin Dog Meat Festival - Look at Him Now!

Published on 07/06/2016
Teddy is a very loving dog we rescued from a brutal 2015 Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Teddy was terrified in a brutal slaughterhouse. He was most likely a stolen pet. Millions of dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered in China and most are stolen pets. Teddy's loving family say he's a blessing every day. Join us to save more dogs like Teddy from the brutal slaughterhouses in China and END the dog and cat meat trade in China.


Dog Lived All His Life in a Cage --- Look at Him Now!

Published on 07/06/2016


Rescued from a Korean dog meat farm: Cedric & Mendy

Humane Society International - Published on 28/05/2016

Dexter and Archer playing in their forever loving home.

Free Korean Dogs - Published on 28/05/2016

From dog meat farm to new life with toys

Humane Society International - Published on 12/05/2016

EK having fun with the Chicken Farm Dogs in Korea

Humane Society International - Published on 15/04/2016



Last month, Change For Animals Foundation was in South Korea to assist Humane Society International with the rescue of over sixty dogs from a dog meat farm. Raised in small, filthy, barren cages, these dogs live the most miserable lives full of fear, boredom, and hunger. They cling to life, exposed to the elements during Korea’s freezing cold winters, only to be slaughtered over the summer months when dog meat is most popularly consumed.
Here is a lovely video from The Dodo showing some of the rescued dogs living their news lives in California, testament to the power of love and compassion.


You Don't Know Jack

Humane Society International - Published on 07/04/2016

Meet Jack and learn his story - from a South Korea dog meat farm to his forever home in California.

Jack is from a dog meat farm in South Korea. Humane Society International (HSI) shut down the farm in March 2015 and flew all of the dogs to California. From there HSI worked with it's emergency placement partners


Chi Chi of ARME

Published on 25/02/2016
Chi Chi, a victim of the horrific dog meat trade in South Korea, was hung upside down, legs bound and then, when her legs were too rotten and therefore her body to infected for consumption, thrown in a garbage bag in the street to suffer more and die. Miraculously she was rescued by Nabiya Irion Hope Project who contacted ARME and together, sweet Chi Chi is recovering. Follow her story on her page: CLICK HERE




Rescued! Korea Meat Dogs Love New Life!

Humane Society International - Published on 01/04/2016

Korea Meat Dogs Rescued & Home for the Holidays

Humane Society International - Published on 16/12/2015

A Haunting Look at Where One Dog Came From

Humane Society International - Published on 27/08/2015

Dogs Saved from the Dog Meat Trade

Humane Society International - Published on 22/06/2015


Dog Meat Dog Adopted by Korean Woman

Humane Society International - Published on 30/04/2015

Sung Girtler adopted Jin Joo, one of the 57 dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea in March 2015 by Humane Society International. She shares her story in this video and urges Koreans to stop the practice of eating dogs and accept these sweet animals to be a part of their families.


Django's story - the next chapter - April 2014

Published on 7th Apli 2014
Last year our beautiful ambassador dog, Django, was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

You can now watch the next chapter of Django's story of hope and happiness as he settles into his new life.

His beautiful spirit shines through despite all the horror he has endured. His amazing ability to forgive and trust again, and enjoy the life he deserves, shows that every dog's life is precious.

With your support, CFAF will continue to campaign to end the cruel South Korean dog meat industry from which Django was rescued, so that no more dogs have to suffer the fate from which he escaped.


South Korea Dog Meat Dogs - Before/After

Humane Society International - Published on 23/03/2015

South Korea Dogs Rescued from Dog Meat Farm

Humane Society International - Published on 09/01/2015


57 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm

Published on 19/03/2015
Humane Society International rescued 57 dogs in March 2015 from a dog meat farm in South Korea. The farmer will be transitioning over to an agriculture business instead of farming dogs. The dogs arrived in San Francisco, CA and will be spread out to Emergency Placement Partners with The Humane Society of the United States. We are so thrilled for these dogs to be off the farm and closer to living in their loving forever homes they so desperately deserve.


South Korea Dogs Rescued from Dog Meat Farm

Published on 09/01/2015
Twenty-three dogs rescued by Humane Society International from a dog meat farm in Seoul arrived in Washington, DC, in early January, 2015. HSI worked with the farmer to remove the dogs from miserable conditions and close the doors of his facility for good. As part of the plan, HSI secured an agreement with him to stop raising dogs for food and move permanently to growing crops as a more humane way to make a living.


Bomi: A South Korean Dog who was Rescued from Dog-Meat Slaughter

Published on 01/01/2014

In April of 2013, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation - (TFPF) was asked by a South Korean animal rescue organization (CARE) to take in a Jindo who had been badly abused and neglected by her "owners." This Jindo had been raised for dog-meat slaughter. She had been tightly chained up to a metal pole and her body was covered with mange and open sores. She was crying in pain and desperately waiting for help. CARE discovered that this dog had been bred several times; her puppies were found completely frozen and dead in the dirt.

CARE named her Bomi (봄이) which is derived from the word "spring" in Korean. They treated Bomi's skin issues and socialized her to trust humans again. CARE was determined to give Bomi a fighting chance so they contacted TFPF to work our magic.

For many months, TFPF worked hard to arrange Bomi's transport from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, CA. As responsible rescuers, we wanted to make sure we could provide Bomi with top-notch veterinary care, and secure her a forever home. We also wanted to have a proper plan in place so that we were not just naively flying an animal to a different country without considering the animal overpopulation crisis happening everywhere in this world.

With the generous help from one of our staunch supporters, actress Alyssa Milano, Bomi was flown on airplane to California on November 12, 2013! This has been a magical time for all of us who have worked so hard to rescue Bomi. We are truly humbled by Alyssa's support, and honored to be in the position to save these precious lives.


1,000 Cats Saved from Slaughter after Truck Accident

Published on 17th January 2013 by NTDTV
One thousand cats were fortunate enough to be rescued by volunteers on their way to Guangdong Province earlier this week, where they were to be killed and sold to restaurants as meat.

The truck carrying the cats met with an accident in Changsha City, and the driver was taken to the hospital. The cats were left alone crammed in locked cages for nearly 24 hours without food and water, until help arrived.

Local volunteers rushed to help the starving cats the next morning, after police and others called for help on the microblog site Sina Weibo to rescue the animals.

Volunteers took care of the cats and provided them with food, water and milk. They were later transferred to Changsha Small Animal Protection Association for further care. Volunteers also took some cats home and adopted them.

Animal rights activists have long protested the practice of selling cat meat to restaurants. However, the practice continues, as there are no rules prohibiting the practice.

Cats are sold for $1 to $2 each, and it is estimated nearly four million cats are consumed in China as meat every year.


The rescued Dog Meat Trade Dogs

Published on 29/09/2012
Odie, Fay, Hope and Mylo were rescued from a dog meat trade truck in Thailand via Soi Dogs. This is how they got to their new owners and a new life.Odie and Fay are still in Phuket as Odie didn't travel well from Bangkok to Phuket, he survived distemper but still has tremors so I am hoping we can control them for the flight to the UK. Hope and Mylo are in their forever homes and are settling well.


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